Our awards

Стелла Национального рейтинга качества товаров и услуг «Звезда Качества»

The national rating of the quality of goods and services “Quality Star”, the title of “The Best Enterprise of the country”

логотип Ukrainian Event Awards 2016
2 awards of Ukrainian Event Awards
  • Best Congress / Conference – I place – Civil Society Development Forum 2015 for ISAR Ednannia
  • Best charity event – II place – Children’s Day «Words Talk» for UNICEF
логотип Ukrainian Event Awards 2014

Ukrainian Event Awards 2014
Best creative event concept – I place

Премия Руководитель года 2012

Head of the year 2012

Логотип Eventаризация — украинский конкурс event-проектов

Eventarizatsiya – Ukrainian event competition 

Best business event – 2nd place – International conference “NO TO ORPHANHOOD: SYSTEMIC APPROACH TO WORK WITH CHILDREN AND FAMILIES”

Премия Предприятие года 2012

Enterprise of the year 2012