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Perfectly organized agro event

✅ design effective algorithms for planning agro events

✅ provide full support of the event by qualified staff and reliable technical equipment

✅ generate non-standard solutions and formats of communication with the audience

✅ provide video and photo shooting, branding, visual design

✅ create ideas for impacting the audience and creating emotions









order a field day, order an agro event

Want to get a free budget calculation of your future event?

We will evaluate the problem, ask questions, form several ideas, propose implementation mechanics, and select locations.

Your manager – Olga Kovalchuk

Kateryna Bokhynska, PrJSC “Philip Morris Ukraine”
Communications executive

For almost two years of cooperation with the ARENA CS team we have managed to organize a number of internal events and projects for our colleagues: small meetings for 20 people, live broadcast of the domestic event throughout Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova, numerous events – conferences in Kyiv and beyond, and a large-scale New Year celebration for more than 1,000 company employees.

During this time, the ARENA CS team repeatedly convinced us in their professionalism and creativity, the ability to get out of any situation and frameworks and to leave pleasant emotions and impressions after each project. The great advantages of the team are 24/7 availability, the realization of our most insane wishes and ideas, a constantly friendly attitude, and a 100% impact on the project.

Sincerely grateful to ARENA CS for our productive cooperation at the highest level. We will gladly entrust the realization of the following activities to them!

agro event organization

ARENA CS has 70 event managers with the coolest ideas just for you

The UN, Philip Morris, BASF, Porsche and many others work with us

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Your manager – Olga Kovalchuk

agro event organization services

Professional organization of agro events: service

Professional event organization, event business that builds on many components. Organization of events will be successful in practice only with attention to detail and every stage of the work. Quality after-sales service is where the professional organization of events begins. Customer service starts from the day the order is received by the event agency and lasts until the final report on the event.

  1. 24 hours service for 7 days without days off;
  2. Personal event manager, personal manager conducts only 1 client project, he is always in touch;
  3. Communication and service is carried out in all ways convenient for the customer;

Professional event organization: how the event manager works with the client

Professional organization of events is the result of the work of a team of specialists in which each team member is responsible for his or her work area.

A client who is interested in organizing agro-events, when contacting the company, receives the next:

  1. Processing of the technical task “Organization of field days”: tasks and features of the event, wishes and requirements.
  2. Organization of agro-events in Kiev, on the territory of Ukraine or European countries, includes the selection of 2 – 3 optimal locations within three days after accepting the request.
  3. Drawing up a reasoned budget, which clearly spells out all the costs.
  4. Organization and conduct of activities during the event, meals for participants, an obligatory part of any event. The event manager selects, makes up the menu.
  5. Work with contractors, ordering services.
  6. Reservation of halls, hotel rooms and prepayment.
  7. Making timely edits at the request of the client.
  8. Monitoring the work of contractors, suppliers and all involved in the implementation of the project. The successful organization of agro-events Ukraine consists in coordinated work, professionalism and the ability to think ahead.

Professional event organization: we work and respond quickly

The organization of field days and events from ARENA CS is always carried out quickly and thanks to the availability of our own material and technical base. Not a single Ukrainian event company can boast a similar one. Our agency has modern video and audio equipment, which allows us to solve the most complex problems. In addition, we have our own car park at our disposal.