With the weakening of quarantine (with varying degrees of success in different regions), we are slowly starting to return to live events. However, outbreaks in some areas continue to increase and event managers need to be especially vigilant in organizing “quarantine measures.”

Luckily, there are many tools out there to combat the spread of Covid-19 when creating an event. These security measures can help protect attendees, make them feel safe and confident to participate in activities at your event.

  • Protective masks

Masks are the main defense in this preventive war against coronavirus. Ideally, the use of masks by all participants should be mandatory to protect guests. This requirement should be clearly emphasized in communication materials. Based on the budget, event sponsors can provide masks with their logo. There should also be simple instructions in place for the correct use and wearing of masks.

  • Hand sanitizer

While the main infection occurs through airborne droplets, Covid-19 can also spread when people touch surfaces and objects that have infected molecules and then touch their face or food with dirty hands. Washing hands with soap and water is the best protection against Covid-19, but hand sanitizer can replace them if guests are unable to wash their hands immediately after interacting with objects and people.

Hand sanitizing stations are essential for events and should be placed in multiple locations for easy access, allowing guests to sanitize their hands if they touch public surfaces such as doors, tables, handles, etc.

  • Plexiglass

Plexiglas is a great way to separate guests from colleagues and workers. It can be placed between each sink, in front of exhibitors or workers selling items such as food, as this limits contact.

  • Inflatable walls

Inflatable walls are another creative way to provide physical distance. Place them indoors to organize a path for guests and control their flow. These walls can be used to separate meeting areas, private work areas, and to facilitate small group work. The walls are easy to install and pack and can be easily moved if needed. Just be sure to wipe them down with a disinfectant throughout the day.