Events of various types (be they exhibitions, workshops or conferences) are excellent opportunities for networking. At events, you can make useful acquaintances and solve specific business problems with their help. Even if the event does not imply a mutual acquaintance of the participants, you can engage in networking during coffee breaks and other breaks. There is a high probability of an effective acquaintance with a potential client, contractor, partner or investor. We will tell you how to increase the efficiency of this process with the help of souvenirs.

Unofficially, networking can be divided into two categories:

  1. Organized. These are pre-planned and prepared events (or part of the events), in the process of which there is an exchange of contact data, business cards. The process is overseen by a representative of the organizing team.
  2. Personal. Personally-initiated acquaintance, the motive for which is an interest in a specialist or a company, its products (for example, when it comes to an exhibition).

Souvenirs and networking: what do these two have in common?

Presenting a small gift – a souvenir – is a good way to be remembered by the interlocutor. After the event, the participant brings with him several dozen business cards. And often can’t remember what he talked about with 70% of their owners. An unusual present in such a situation will serve as an effective identifier.

A souvenir has another important task: it helps to attract attention in conditions when you need to cover a maximum of contacts for a strictly limited time. And not just cover but also be remembered and make a good impression.

We picked up some ideas for the souvenir that are suitable for all of the above-listed networking options. Attention: all prices are for informational purposes only.

Souvenirs for organized networking

According to experts, souvenirs in the form of accessories and clothes are the best to be utilized during organized networking sessions.

Branded socks

5 нестандартных сувениров

An option when affordable price, unusual presentation, and efficiency are embodied in one piece. Besides, bright branded socks are now a trend among souvenirs. The production of the circulation of 100 pairs will cost about 3-3.5 thousand UAH (30-35 UAH per pair).

Sneakers with a brand’s logo

5 нестандартных сувениров

There is a stable trend for branded shoes. For example, sneakers. Unusual design – a guarantee of attracting attention. But it is important to consider the design and location of the logo. Drawing images and inscriptions + the price of the sneakers will cost an average of 400-450 UAH per pair, provided that the order is from 100 pairs.

Souvenirs for personal networking

When making personal acquaintances, it is important to be liked and remembered by your interlocutor for a short time. There are few opportunities for long and thoughtful communication. We need souvenirs that will stimulate a potential partner or client to contact a new friend after the event. What could it be?

Power bank with engraving

This is a practical gift. Many people have such a device, but a successfully branded device can impress. One of the options: backlit engraving on the case. It allows you to focus on the information which you see on it. The price of a branded portable 3,000 mA charger is from 430 UAH with a circulation of 100 pieces.

Modern eco-mug

5 нестандартных сувениров

Eco-friendly cookware based on a natural mixture of recycled rice and corn is in trend nowadays. You can pour hot and cold drinks into such a mug. It has a catchy design, there is the possibility of drawing prints on its surface. Caring for the environment and natural resources is of a particular value. An eco-mug with thermal printing will cost from 100 UAH apiece with a circulation of 100 pieces.

Branded Bluetooth Speaker

You can draw symbols and inscriptions using ultraviolet printing on such gadgets. As a result, you will have a branded gift for modern young people. The price for the device starts from 300 hryvnas per unit, subject to ordering a wholesale lot of 100 units.

Of course, these examples are not a dogma or recommendation for any event. Each event is unique, so the selection of souvenirs must be carried out separately. Perhaps, at some events, it will be enough to simply present business cards to the participants and get along with inexpensive small souvenirs. Be that as it may, unusual branded gifts are a trump card in the sleeve for building effective business relationships.