Since June, events have been officially allowed in Ukraine – but subject to quarantine. The list of requirements was published by the Ministry of Health in advance. Among the main ones: mask mode, social distance, temperature screening at the entrance. How realistic is it to comply with these rules when organizing and conducting an event? ARENA CS specialists have made sure in their own practice that it is possible.

Over the past 2 weeks, the ARENA CS team prepared and carried out several projects: these were offline events, online and hybrid events. We can safely sum up: it is possible to adapt to the current conditions and restrictions. The main thing is attention to detail and a willingness to take quick and decisive steps.

My own experience: how to hold an offline event within the quarantine limits

The official requirements for safe offline mass cultural events are as follows:

  • the open area of ​​at least 5 sq. m. for 1 visitor;
  • temperature screening of workers and visitors at the entrance. Persons with a temperature of more than 37.2 are not allowed to participate in the event;
  • social distance or seating of guests with a distance of 1.5 m;
  • workers at the location and visitors use protective masks and gloves;
  • ensuring the possibility of hand washing and free access to sanitizers;
  • check-in mechanics does not provide for physical contact (online or contactless) and does not create preconditions for the accumulation of queues (sufficient number of personnel to exercise control and space for people to pass through);
  • Fan zones or activities with significant crowds are prohibited.

When organizing the event, the ARENA CS team managed to meet all the requirements and prepare a really safe event. It did not endanger the health of people and – what is also important – did not pose any risks to the customer’s reputation.