Sponsorship financing is a key source of revenue for a large number of events. Naturally, sponsors do not appear by themselves. Finding them is an important task for the organizer. And frankly, it is quite stressful. Where to find the “right” sponsors? How to determine the optimal conditions? Finding answers to these questions takes a lot of time. But when the contract is signed – you can relax a bit and concentrate on other tasks.

Yet in reality, that’s not quite how it works.

Yes, the search for sponsors is a crucial factor in financing the event (in many cases). Yes, the profit of the organizing team also depends on them. But along with the “race for money,” it is important to develop positive relationships with sponsors. This is a good groundwork for the future. And vice versa: as soon as you made a mistake somewhere and you would have to start from scratch, this company will no longer want to cooperate with the event team.

What can you offer sponsors to satisfy their needs and become a reliable partner for many events ahead? Let’s try to figure it out.

What sponsors need: focus on the targeted audience

Modern methods of audience assessment allow you to know your consumer for sure. OF course, sponsors are interested in influencing targeted groups, including through organized events. Brands need their potential and current customers. Constantly analyzing the market, they know everything about the audience: level of income, interests, and even their favorite color of clothing.

Given this fact, many potential event sponsors require analytical data: they need evidence that the event’s targeted audience is in line with their market interests.

что на самом деле интересует спонсоров мероприятий

How to satisfy sponsors

Provide the necessary data. Examples where they can be taken:

  • Google Analytics ticket sales report;
  • demographics of the audience;
  • data about browsing the site;
  • other analytical data provided by the service (you can grant access to reports to marketers of a potential sponsor).

But that’s not all. To convince possible partners, you need to give more: data from questionnaires of visitors, metrics from social networks, reports on public opinions of people about a future event, etc.

What sponsors need: simple and transparent collaboration

The sponsor invests resources in the event, hoping that the organizers will 100% cope with the tasks. But on the day of the event, the sponsor’s representative cannot constructively communicate with the event manager. Or sees that not everything is ready. Or he notes that terms of the sponsorship contract have not been fulfilled, but the organizers are not even trying to find a way out of the situation.

How to make sponsors satisfied

One event manager or organizing team (depending on the scale of the event) should be responsible for working with sponsors. His task is to fulfill everything that the terms of the contracts require, and on the day of the event to communicate with representatives of partners at the location. In such cases, emerging problems can be easily and orderly resolved at the same time satisfying the needs of the sponsors. The larger the event, the more resources you need to allocate for organizing work with partners.

What sponsors need: an appropriate attitude

Sponsors invest in the event. A lot of resources. In some cases, the event budget relies entirely on the sponsors’ donations. Of course, in return, they require compliance with the terms and attention. That is, not just attention, but they want to be treated like VIPs. It is well deserved. After all, it’s thanks to them that the event came together.

что на самом деле интересует спонсоров мероприятий

How to make sponsors satisfied

Free VIP passes and tickets in any quantity requested. Special conditions at the location: from the possibility of a personal meeting with top guests to a special menu. It is important to emphasize the special approach to the representatives of the sponsoring party: thereby placing on record their appreciation.

If partners are interested, you can also offer them meetings with potential major customers and company representatives, tickets for exclusive events or meeting with opinion leaders.

What sponsors need: guarantees of profitability

Unlike patrons, sponsors consider financial donations as an investment: they need to get the money in the appropriate equivalent. After each event, representatives of sponsors will surely analyze performance indicators. And this report will be a key factor: will they continue cooperating with the organizers or this will be the end.

How to make sponsors satisfied

Make your reports by providing objective data. Enumerate KPI events and evaluate their implementation. Approximate list of data for evaluating key performance indicators:

  • categories of participants and options for their interaction;
  • types of events within the scope of your event;
  • speeches and speakers which were the most interesting for sponsors;
  • reports from social networks: feedback, the number of mentions of the event and sponsors;
  • Survey data – especially the one indicating the degree of audience engagement.

What sponsors need: gratitude

Good manners are always in order. Reports, good reception, perfect organization – all this is important. But it doesn’t hurt to sincerely thank the partners and leave a good opinion about yourself. The good old “thank you” will do this best.

How to make sponsors satisfied

Within a few days after the event, send appreciation letters to the partners, coupled with materials to be used for branding and advertising (photos and videos from the event). When mentioning an event on social networks, tag sponsors and talk about them only in a positive manner.

Event agency ARENA CS treats responsibly the cooperation with sponsors. Partners who want to invest in events are free from problems: the organizing team helps them realize their business goals.