Quarantine restrictions in Ukraine as a whole have already been eased. In most regions of the country, catering establishments, cinemas, shopping and entertainment centers (including children’s areas) are allowed to operate. And only holding events is practically prohibited. The restrictions are such that it is impossible to hold a full conference, presentation or concert. We have to get rid of it: hence concerts in parking lots, online presentations, and so on.

The question is brewing: are events really that dangerous to health? More dangerous than a movie session, hours of shopping in a mall or a long metro ride?

No, we are not protesting against the restrictions now: we understand the full extent of the threat and do not want the country to plunge back into the recently experienced nightmare. It’s just that there are double standards in the actions of officials that can destroy the classic event sphere in Ukraine.

In order not to be unfounded, here are some comparisons.

Watching a movie in the cinema vs Conference

Cinemas are allowed. What the average visitor does:

  • gets to the cinema from home: for example, by metro or bus;
  • buys a drink and popcorn (roll, marshmallow, etc.);
  • sits in a chair;
  • spends 1.5-2 hours in the hall;
  • leaves the cinema and gets home.

Restrictions for cinemas: distance between seats, room filling up to 50%, available hand disinfectants, mandatory entrance wearing masks (for some reason, masks can be removed in the hall).

And now to the conferences. What the average guest does:

  • gets to the location (including by public transport);
  • uses catering services (takes coffee, snacks, etc.);
  • sits down in a chair and listens to speakers;
  • upon completion, leaves and gets home.

The action takes place all in the same closed room, where it is quite possible to organize temperature screening, keeping a distance, masked entrance and accessible disinfection points. But at the same time, conferences are actually banned.