It’s not bad to get rid of plastic straws for cocktails. But the reduction in flights and the abandonment of cars with internal combustion engines will have more impact. At first, this will seem uncomfortable, but everything will pass: as soon as the audience’s expectations begin to transform.

How do events affect the environment?

Events and trips are closely interconnected. In the days of large-scale events, hundreds of people buy tickets or get behind the wheel. Even in the era of high-quality video communications, direct interaction does not lose value.

экологичные мероприятия

Event organizers are setting huge budgets for fuel and transport. This includes equipment delivery, transfers, excursions and field events, airline tickets for participants, the luxury car rental for VIP guests and much more. Let’s multiply these costs by the average number of events per year worldwide. The results will be tremendous. Event companies can influence this and reduce the negative impact on the climate. It’s enough to choose transport responsibly.