Annual conferences are a status tradition for the organizer, ensuring effective brand promotion. But there is a problem. Almost the same guests (mostly) attend events every year. And naturally, they expect to learn and see something new. If this does not happen, the audience will feel disappointed, and the event will be considered obsolete. This is a serious risk to the reputation of the organizer.

Why it is important to organize unique conferences?

идеи и темы для ежегодных конференций брендов

It happens that conference organizers are wary of unique ideas. Trying to avoid risks, they choose the general theme of the event, which in fact turns out to be too hackneyed or interesting not for everyone. But branding is to make the event different from other professional business events.

Therefore, you need to start with the question: what do guests feel and think when arriving at an organized conference? Does the event have a direction and features that are understandable to each organizer? How to transmit these qualities to the participants?