Now in Ukraine quarantine restrictions are slowly being eased. But the flash is not over. And when the first events are resolved, they will look very different. First, they will be small due to the limited distance between people. Unstable transport links between countries and regions will play a role. In such conditions, the only way out is hybrid events.

Why is it important?

When small local events are allowed, online events will still have a lot of fans. Therefore, it is a good idea to combine live event with online streaming tools to stay competitive. After all, the number of guests who can attend the event in person will be significantly limited. And the point here is not only in the new rules, but also in the elementary fear of people. Therefore, hybrid events will allow you to collect a large audience, even if there are few people at the location.

But that’s not all. The reality is that in the new economic conditions, not everyone will afford to spend money on travel, accommodation and an entrance ticket to the event. For such a segment of the audience, inexpensive online access is the only real opportunity to attend the event. For organizers, this is an additional source of income and increased coverage.

There is another factor that matters. According to experts, outbreaks will be repeated. Temporary isolation and bans will become commonplace. Companies that combine the two methods of holding events will adapt faster to current conditions. When permitted, there will be combined events. When prohibited – only online format.

How will this be done?

We fantasized and identified four ways to organize combined events.