You see how many conferences are taking place now. Several interesting events take place in 1 day. The visitor is lost in the choice of where to go.

If you go to the right, you will become smart. If you go to the left, you will find beauty. And what if you want to be smart and beautiful?

Of course, this is a joke. However, the wise message hidden in it is easy to read between the lines and between the words.

Oversaturation of the market reduces attention to the conferences themselves. There are more and more open letters of complaint in the info field: either the organizers failed, the speaker pours the same water, then the cookies were hard, then the paper in the toilet ran out …

Sometimes it seems that visitors go to conferences specifically to look for their weaknesses and then shout about it loudly. Actually, they just find weaknesses when they do not see the strong features of the event.

Therefore, today most conferences are created in a single likeness. Fashionable hype theme, a standard set of speakers, a remote sponsorship alley, photo zones and something edible for lunch.

In view of all this, the visitor has become more moody and demanding. They have already learned to choose. They can already compare. And instead of selling to them the same thing several times in different packaging, it is better to listen to their inner-outer voice and UNDERSTAND.