What to offer the guests of the event: banquet, buffet or cocktail? How to accommodate the staff responsible for catering and to consider the location of guests? What are the subtleties of the organization to take into account depending on the format of the event? We have prepared some catering tips for events.

Banquet or buffet?

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The answer depends on the type and layout of the location. The banquet is the most common and universal format for events of all types: from charitable dinners to award ceremonies. It involves the location of several separate tables for seating groups of people. Dishes on the menu are designed to eat while sitting. In terms of organizing, a banquet is more suitable and economical than a buffet table, especially with a large number of guests:

  • it is easier to keep order, avoid chaos with portions, dishes, and cutlery;
  • a pre-prepared layout of tables and seating will help the catering service organize the work;
  • it is easier for waiters to control the processes of serving dishes and the timely clear away empty plates and cutlery.

If the chosen location of the event prevents from banquet seating of guests, the buffet format will become a good alternative. At the same time, it is important to control portions, to avoid confusion with dishes on a common table. It is important to provide individual tables with food and drinks for people who need special products (diabetic, gluten-free, without animal components, etc.).

Conference catering

Guests do not eat during the conference. For meals, there are periods before and after the event, as well as a special lunch break. If a lunch break is provided 2-4 hours after the start of the event, the guests will be hungry and eat up the food in no time. The catering service staff will have a hard time, as the rate of eating will be much higher than the speed of service.

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Therefore, it is better to arrange a welcome coffee with snacks, coffee, tea and juices before the conference. Many event companies have come to the practice of organizing several breaks for eating during the conference instead of one big lunch break. This allows you to prevent chaos and organize effective catering.

How to arrange catering for the conference? Places for seating guests need to be arranged so that the middle and front parts of the room are in the spotlight. If there are many guests, it is better to provide several service points to divide people into groups.

Outdoor catering

Organizing street events requires a unique approach to nutrition. Typically, such events are held in the summer – when it is constantly warm outdoors. Traditional locations – parks, beaches, forest outskirts.

First, you need to make sure that the location is in a place with shade. When choosing products, give preference to those that do not deteriorate in the heat and maintain aesthetics in such conditions.

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Location conditions are also crucial. The organizer must have information for the catering service so that it can set up its work. The information is as follows:

  • is there a possibility in the location to cook food, cut, distribute in portions – or do you need to bring ready-to-eat meals;
  • whether it is necessary to use street cooking systems (grills, barbecues, etc.);
  • Are there conditions for connecting refrigerators or do you need to use autonomous food storage systems;

A professional approach to catering at the event is the opportunity to observe the high status of the event, keep order and ensure that all guests remain well-fed and satisfied with the work of the organizing team.