Organizing a summer event may require more time and resources. Open Air requires a serious attitude to preparation, otherwise, the organizers will have to kick themselves (that’s actually what Midsummer Night’s Dream event team is doing now). We give some recommendations on how to avoid mistakes and take into account all the subtleties.


Summer (not this year, but in general) is a sultry time. If you have a banquet tent, take care of air conditioning for guests. Otherwise, the holiday will turn into suffering for them. By the way, many contractors offer such tents already equipped with air conditioning.

Taking care of the staff

The comfort of the guests is important, but the organizers also need to be taken care of. If you have a long preparation in the heat – make sure that the team had access to a sufficient amount of drinking water at a rate of 2.5 liters per person. This applies to both your immediate subordinates and the personnel of the contractors.

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Rent a generator after the start of organizing a street event. Everyone will need autonomous energy: from installers to event managers. The generator will be useful after the event. In particular, you will need energy for tools used in the dismantling of structures.


The summer of 2019 showed: in Ukraine on summer nights even an autumn jacket may be needed. Therefore, ensure getting several heaters that can be put in the tents of the organizers and technicians. This is especially true if you have a long multi-day preparation.


The location is far from the asphalt road? You will have to build the road. At least temporary – from thick concrete slabs. This will give you convenient access to special vehicles providing the event. Yes, this is an expensive part of the budget, but then sudden bad weather, blurry roads and stuck transport will not become a problem for you. Imagine how much the event disruption will cost you. Concrete road seems unaesthetic? Cover it with artificial turf – it is quite cheap.

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Conditions for divers

If the stage structure is located on the water, scuba divers will have to be invited for installation. Their help is needed, even if the depth of the reservoir is small. Any contractor providing such services has standard requirements. This is a warm room or tent with a heater for recuperation and changing clothes. And this is also a clear work plan: scuba divers do not have the right to work longer than the time specified in their regulations. No overtime is provided.


A familiar situation for experienced event managers: the client crosses out tents, awnings and other protective structures from the estimate. The most popular argument: “I watched the forecast, there will be no rain.” Let him cross it out, but be sure to keep the item with equipment insurance costs. Otherwise, you will have to pay contractors for flooded and damaged equipment from your pocket.


One more important thing which is often forgotten about when you have to come up with something on the go – is the illumination of the event’s preparation area at night. You can rely on contractors. But they, as a rule, provide “emergency light” only for their employees. This light is not enough for all zones. Therefore, engage a specialist and plan your lighting for the installation area in advance. Yes, you will have to spend money on inexpensive equipment – but then you will be able to finish the work on time. Moreover, the safety of staff is always more valuable.

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Remember these recommendations before organizing an outdoor event, and you can avoid the most common mistakes.