Events in Ukraine are allowed, but with serious restrictions. This is the distance between people, mask mode, temperature screening and much more. The need to maintain a social distance of 1.5 m leads to a decrease in the income of event organizers and an increase in costs. How viable is the format? How can event teams find ways to optimize costs?

Supply of means for prevention and sanitation

According to the new rules, hand disinfectants should be available in general accessibility at the location for the event. Compulsory disinfection treatment of all surfaces is also prescribed. The organizers are obliged to provide employees with medical masks and provide masks to guests who come without personal protective equipment. Most likely, additional personnel will have to be involved to control these processes. All this leads to an increase in the budget.

What to do?

In theory, some costs could be deferred (for example, requiring staff and guests to bring their own masks). Or find sponsors specifically for this purpose (for example, manufacturers of protective equipment). The sanitary processing of the location can be passed on to the lessors: they also suffered financial losses due to quarantine and are obliged to share the costs in the new conditions.

Limiting the number of visitors lowers revenue

Organizers will need to rethink how events are held to ensure that social distancing is met. These include reducing the number of seats in the hall, marking the floor in the room, increasing the distance between tables, hiring personnel to regulate the flow of people, etc.

All this will lead to an irrational use of the rented space and a decrease in income. The bandwidth of locations is now limited to 50%, and in fact it can be even lower: 20-40%. After all, many people will not dare to attend events now.

What to do?

The most objective option is to negotiate with partners. Property owners are obliged to adapt the rental price, since the issue of survival in the new conditions is relevant for all market participants. How realistic is it? Management representatives of large hotels and other locations admit that the situation is difficult. It will require personal negotiations with the organizers and working out individual conditions.