How to make professional YouTube broadcast

YouTube is a super popular video hosting service with tens of millions of users. One of its functions is to conduct live broadcasts, the so-called streams. You can go live with a variety of topics, from educational videos to playing computer games. This platform also hosts starting from webinars, forums, and various meetings up to corporate reports. In this article, we’ll find out what you need to know to get live on YouTube and why it is so popular.

YouTube broadcasts by ARENA CS

The popularity of YouTube broadcasts is growing every month

Streaming on YouTube: Benefits

The main advantage of the service is its availability both for the organizers of the event and for the audience. To start a stream, just register on the hosting and click on the button that turns on the broadcast. In addition to the ease of going on the air we can add:

  • lack of technical requirements, i.e. the workload from the number of viewers falls on the YouTube servers and not the user’s devices. So you can even go live from your mobile;
  • any type of equipment will do. Of course, the better the camera and microphone are, the better the broadcast will be, but it will work even with the cheapest gadgets;
  • slow internet connection. The higher the connection speed, the better the broadcast quality and the smoothness of the picture. Although, minimum 3G is required.
  • deep technical skills are not required. You just need to set up the Internet, camera and microphone – and you can already start the broadcast.
  • saving streams automatically. The recording is saved and available after the end of the live broadcast.

Another important aspect is the audience. The multi-million dollar platform allows you to collect many viewers, especially if the topic is relevant. The popularity of YouTube provides access to viewing for users from any device, which greatly expands the potential audience of the broadcast.

Although the simplicity of service and friendliness of the interface are obvious, as a rule, it is not possible to organize the broadcast correctly at the first time. Even experienced users often face video blocking. All this happens due to the copyright infringement. This is what inexperienced stream organizers don’t take into consideration.

Things to remember when streaming on YouTube

The platform has three significant drawbacks. First and foremost, a very zealous attitude towards copyrights.

If there appears music on the stream or content, which any of the viewers may file a complaint about – the broadcast will be blocked permanently. While not all complaints are submitted justifiably, the reaction from YouTube follows all complaints. Given the total number of broadcasts on the platform, it is impossible to manually process all applications, so automatic algorithms simply block the video.

There are also automated programs for tracking copyright content.

In addition, YouTube has its algorithms for checking published content. Any copyright violation leads to blocking of the broadcast, and if violations are repeated, the entire channel is blocked. This is the biggest challenge facing YouTube live broadcasters. Most often, beginners underestimate this problem, that is why the first broadcasts are often unsuccessful. To avoid this situation, serious preliminary preparation is required:

  • script writing;
  • prescribing the speaker’s speech;
  • checking content for copyright;
  • preliminary rehearsals;
  • testing the display of the speaker’s materials on the screens of the audience;
  • preparation of the technical part, including cameras and lighting.

It is impossible for a beginner (especially without a team) to cope with these tasks.

Secondly, YouTube has limited functionality. Its options lack elements for interaction with the audience. To show only part of the screen, customize the appearance of the broadcast picture, or add additional elements (graphs or tables), you need third-party programs. Basically, YouTube provides an opportunity to showcase only unique content performed by the author himself. Training, webinars, and online concerts are perfectly held on this platform. But organizing a more complex broadcast is rather problematic to implement.

Thirdly, YouTube is blocking broadcasts due to the careless statements of the hosts. Or sanctions are imposed on the broadcast recording, which leads to the blocking of the video. It is advisable to rehearse each phrase in advance. To avoid a ban, you need to think over the broadcast plan and the speaker’s speech. The possibility of complaints from participants about intolerant statements, calls for illegal actions or inappropriate content must be excluded even before the broadcast begins. To do this, it is best to contact those who understand the hosting algorithms and the rules of the community. Only a deep analysis of the content planned for publication will help to avoid undesirable consequences.

To organize YouTube broadcasting on a turnkey basis

Our company has been organizing live broadcasts on YouTube since 2019. In 2020 alone, we have more than 500 closed cases for broadcasts of various types, including the ones hosted on YouTube.

Turnkey YouTube broadcasts by ARNA CS

A professional approach guarantees the success of your YouTube broadcast

We offer:

  • technical support of the stream – starting from choices of equipment to quality control of the picture during the broadcast;
  • development and rehearsal of the plan before the broadcast;
  • checking all content planned for publication for copyrights;
  • if necessary, recommendations for replacing certain music or frames with the ones that wouldn`t lead to blocking;
  • information support for the broadcast.

We employ experienced managers whose professionalism can be assessed by the portfolio of completed projects. None of our broadcasts was closed, and all went according to a previously prepared script. The preparation of the broadcast by our team is a guarantee of quality and stability for any audience.