Quarantine events have not been completely canceled, uncertainty remains, and representatives of the event industry are discussing how to move forward. Someone expresses the opinion that it is necessary to start work as soon as possible, while someone prefers to wait a little longer: until the risks for organizers and participants become minimal.

Distance, temperature control and sanitation are headaches for organizers around the world. Is it worth opening an event business in such conditions? Or are those who prefer to wait further right? Consider the points of view of each of the parties.

Return at any cost?

There are still optimists in the event industry, demanding and expecting a complete lifting of restrictions on events. There is no evil irony here: many of these companies are forced to go for broke, otherwise they will have only one way out – to close their business. Among them, for example, the organizers of large summer festivals, who were forced to postpone or cancel these events.

The situation in Ukraine is still uncertain. In other countries, everything is also questionable. For example, it became known that the authorities in Orlando have revised quarantine measures and allowed the July events. Some of the organizers were surprised at this. Others assessed it as a positive signal and the first step towards overcoming the crisis.

Indeed, on the one hand, the more events are allowed, the more confident participants and spectators will feel. They will be able to overcome the psychological barriers that they actively developed during the quarantine. Many organizers, who have practically gone bankrupt during these months, will be saved by this situation: they will return their work and business.

But even in such conditions, according to experts, the industry will recover to the indicators of January 2020 within 3-5 years! Indeed, it will be a long and painful path, which not everyone overcomes.

However, sympathy for the organizers of events will fade into the background if the world is overtaken by the “second wave” of the coronavirus, and once again holding events will endanger the health of thousands of people.