There is a feeling that with the termination of quarantine (no matter how long/short it lasts), society will be completely different. For people it will be similar to what our eyes experience when light suddenly turns on in the dark. Our consciousness understands that it is safer, clearer, more visible and brighter to exist in the light, but it was much easier for the eyes during the period of darkness.

Even for those who live an active life in social networks and online meetings on work, the transition period will not pass without a trace.

Psychologists say that a habit is formed within 14-21 days, so completely different people will come out of the 1.5-month quarantine “into the light”.

It is important for event organizers to realize this and, in parallel with the digitalization of educational/entertainment event formats, to work on new mechanics and tools to attract the public during offline projects.

New people will have four different behavior patterns – this should already be taken into account by everyone who plans events for the next 6-8 months after the end of the event quarantine:


  1. “Breaking bad” – those who will feel a great hunger for live communication and rush to attend events, striving for “living” emotions above all else. For them, the main thing will be to maintain emotional balance so as not to lose efficiency and intelligence in the pursuit of emotions
  2. “I want and prick” – a long self-isolation under the slogans “do not get closer than 2 meters” can provoke a transition period with unconscious barriers to visit crowded places or even eat in catering establishments.
  3. Pragmatists are people who are much more critical and carefully choose offline events, understanding a possible resource for online education/communication
  4. Online geeks are introverts who, prior to quarantine, didn’t feel too comfortable in society and during the quarantine discovered a limitless world of online content, incognito communication opportunities… There is a risk of “losing” them at offline events.

You have to prepare for the increased competition for visitors. Accordingly, high-quality content will rise in price. All this, superimposed on the global economic recession, will lead to high expectations for the most optimal resources.

The task of preserving the business and keeping the industry well will shake up all event organizers: from streaming “info-businessmen” and event agencies, to the corporate segment in search of creative ideas, mechanics and informational reasons for restoring positive dynamics in human communication, bright pleasant emotions and focusing on a good future .

Therefore, let’s sit at home and generate high-quality and breakthrough ideas!