According to statistics, 95% of global network users daily use social networks to communicate, receive information, search and order goods and services. Among these, 87% are more inclined to trust the information received from social networks, rather than from official sources. A social network is a suitable marketing platform for promoting events. To ignore it means to lose potential visitors, as well as to miss a profitable opportunity to promote information about the event.

How can I use the capabilities of social networks in the process of organizing an event? Here are some suggestions.

Selling of tickets for an event

What we have? Popular social sites with an active multi-million audience. They contain ready-made tools for creating thematic groups, organizing and leading sales, and targeted advertising. One specialist is able to set up:

  •  selling tickets for an event online;
  •  online payment options for relevant bank details;
  •  objective analytics based on the results of group premises and sales;
  •  advertising tailored to the target audience.

All this may eventually work automatically. Selling tickets for an event on social networks is an opportunity to sell hundreds of tickets for an event in a few minutes, without the global cost for administering the process. As a result, you and the client save time and optimize the more costly part of the budget.

Increasing event awareness and reaching a large audience

Coverage of the social networks is an opportunity to attract people who are registered as friends and subscribers of the event’s customers, speakers, guests, etc. If the top speaker of the conference makes a repost with a link to the event’s website (or public on the social network), this already ensures that at least several hundred people will additionally learn about the event. And this is just one example.

As a result, the audience will know about the event, understand its purpose. The event will be taken as a brand: well-known, reputable with high status. And all this – without the global expenses on advertising and promotion. Competent maintenance of pages in social networks and proper work with opinion leaders.

Live broadcasts of the event on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook

влияние социальных сетей

Video content is now the most advanced of all types of information. It is definitely among the dominant content formats on social networks. Companies reporting their events via video attract a large audience and are better known (compared to brands that ignore this opportunity). The live broadcast of the event is another tool to increase the awareness and image of the organizer (customer) and attract a new audience. Broadcast:

  • might interest those people who were unable to attend the event;
  • helps to get a live response from the audience in the form of comments;
  • serves as the basis for the viral dissemination of information about the event;
  • turns hundreds of thousands of people into virtual guests of the event.

New possibilities for communication

Telephone and email used to be the main tools for communicating an event manager with an audience and clients. Social networks speed up and simplify communication processes: built-in instant messengers provide instant communication, file transfer, contacts in text, audio, and video formats.

Chatbots in messengers can release the organizer from the routine work with clients (for example, ticket buyers). It is enough to program the bots to provide the answers to common questions.

Social networks: benefits for the event

влияние социальных сетей

Social networks give the main thing – the chance to work with a very large audience, using it to promote events. We know how to work in social networks with benefits for each event. We have real cases for promotion and understanding of how to popularize each individual product. For the customer of the event, this is a positive image, raising publicity and optimizing costs.