The modern world dictates new conditions in all spheres of life. Especially in redrawing the usual things excelled coronavirus. In a pandemic, traditional meetings are confidently being replaced by virtual ones. For communication and discussion, various platforms are used, for example, zoom video conferencing or platforms with similar capabilities. This article discusses the program to conduct an online conference and recommends the best for online meetings.

What is the platform for online conferencing?

There are 10 of the most popular mass meeting programs on the web:

  • Cisco Webex Meetings. Software with wide free functionality, including the creation of subtitles directly into the conversation.
  • FaceTime. App for iPhone users and a little meeting. Not suitable for corporate conferences.
  • Google meet. Perhaps the only free service that allows assembling a conference up to 100 people.
  • GoToMeeting. A simple and reliable program with a screen sharing function and connecting up to 250 users at a time.
  • Messenger Rooms. This application from Facebook is positioned as entertainment, although it allows you to collect meetings for 50 people.
  • Microsoft Teams. Solution for Microsoft enterprise customers with extensive functionality.
  • Slack. Messenger with the ability of integration to other apps or video chats.
  • Webinar Meetings. Software from Russian developers with a wide range of functions for online collaboration.
  • WhatsApp. It can be considered as a platform for conferences with the ability to connect 8 users. But for the business segment, the functionality is not enough.
  • Zoom. Leading service in terms of the number of users.

The zoom conference tool is considered to be the safest and provides maximum opportunities for organizers. Although it requires certain knowledge and experience for a successful meeting, some of the program options are paid and are available only after purchasing a license.

What is Zoom, and why is this program the most popular?

 Zoom is a multi-platform video conferencing software. It is included in the top 3 programs in the world for communication and allows you to conduct both private negotiations and corporate meetings. The basis of its popularity is cross-platform – you can organize a conference in zoom in different ways.

Zoom is presented as:

  • desktop application;
  • mobile app for iOS and Android;
  • plugin for popular browsers;
  • add-on for mail servers;
  • website.


    Zoom conference Kyiv

This allows you to create a conference zoom on any device. Accordingly, users from different devices can also join the meeting. At the same time, video, voice, and text chats are available. The application is successfully used in business and for conducting school lessons online.

Zoom benefits

In addition to being present on all popular platforms, we note another important advantage – stability. Despite the burden of hundreds of thousands of daily videoconferences, server capacity is sufficient for the transmission of image, sound, and interactive elements. This allows you to hold meetings of any size without worrying about interruptions, sudden blackouts, or loss of signal quality. According to the director of the company, the capacities are ready for an increase in loads. So stability will remain at a high level soon.

In addition, online conference zoom allows you to:

  • Fully control the course of the event. The conference leader can control the microphone and video, ask users to activate these devices or force them to mute.
  • Provide access to interactive elements. For example, you can leave notes, set up stickers, and even use a semblance of an electronic chalkboard.
  • Manipulate the screen. Demonstration of its display can pause or show only part of it. Or even choose one application (like a browser) that is displayed in the conference.
  • Recording. Record the administrator controls the whole meeting; it can be paused or saved for later use.
  • Work with a blurred background function. This means that you can hide everything that surrounds the meeting participant. Convenient for business people conducting meetings from a hotel room, freelancers, and users in an informal setting.

The program has very flexible settings and many licenses for holding conferences of various types. There are no less interactive ways of interacting with the audience.

видеотрансляция в зум

Zoom event can be managed from any place

Disadvantages of Zoom

Perhaps the only drawback lies precisely in the variety of possibilities and uses cases. If organizing a conference in zoom is not difficult, and you only need a meeting ID, then not everyone will set everything up correctly and not the first time.

The downside of Zoom is its complex and confusing interface. It can organize collaboration on documents, engage participants in discussion with multimedia elements, or collaborate on shared screens. This is complemented by paid platform functions, the management of which also needs to be learned.

Anyone can assemble a regular meeting. But to protect it from the connection of strangers and configure all the elements – only an administrator with experience in organizing conferences in Zoom can do it properly.

зум конференция Киев

Организация видео трансляции онлайн

How to create a conference Zoom

For a successful and impactful online meeting for users, you need to track many nuances and know how to respond to abnormal and spontaneous situations in different segments of online events simultaneously:

  • participants;
  • speakers;
  • recording;
  • broadcast;
  • sound;
  • video sequence;
  • presentation;
  • perception of content from PC and mobile devices;
  • internet speed and backup network.

In addition, online conferences often have to implement other licensed software products and interactive elements. It isn’t easy to do this on your own and without significant experience.

Especially if the audience is “cold” and large, risks increase many times if the audience is unfamiliar and the event is open to all those wishings. After all, you need to choose the right platform for effective display of the conference: phone, PC through the application, or directly from the site. To do this, you have to take into account the technical skills of the audience. In some cases, it is better to choose to broadcast on the site to reach a large audience, for example, for forums or events with many sections. It is better to conduct corporate conferences regarding the desktop to take an active part and see everything perfectly. In practice, it is better to conduct a survey of the audience and figure out how to optimize all parameters and organize conferences in zoom for convenience and maximum audience involvement.

We recommend you contact our company with questions about online events planning. We have more than 500 videoconferences held on various topics and own dozens of corporate licenses for holding online events of any type. You can check our cases and leave a request for a conference by the link. An effective online meeting is guaranteed for both business and entertainment.