Providing people with the opportunity to feel special – is the key goal of all events, and especially VIP events. We give 20 interesting examples of VIP events organized for B2B and B2C, which will serve as a source of inspiration for the customer or event manager.

  1. Add a VIP lounge to any location of the event 

    A major US IT developer Trace3 added a VIP lounge to the location of the reputable technology conference Evolve. The partners of the brand got the opportunity to play VR and AR games, as well as take part in the quest.The guests admitted that this allowed them to take a good rest from the regular conferences with which the event was saturated. What did this give Trace3? Increase of the event investment profitability creating a unique experience for regular and potential customers.

  2. Create an experience, not an eventорганизация корпоратива киев
    You need to look at the organization of a VIP event not only as on a set of standard solutions (choosing a location, rent of equipment, catering, etc.). Guests should feel that they are experiencing a truly unique experience. For example, the marketing team at Stableview Tech, when planning each event, imagines that the location is an art gallery. What needs to be done to unite guests, exceed their expectations, give them special sensations? How to ensure that all ideas are complete and intuitive? Thanks to this, every moment of the event is firmly engraved in the memory of the participants.
  3. Offer VIP guests more

    For example, you can consider the autograph tour of the writer, dedicated to the release of the next bestseller. Competent organizers will offer two categories of tickets for each event. The first is standard access to a presentation and an autograph session. The second is VIP: seats in the front row, the opportunity to personally talk to the writer, take a picture, get a book with a special commemorative inscription, etc.
  4. Special customer opportunities through strategic partnerships. 

    American Express offers VIP cardholders early booking of luxury tickets and private hotel rooms for significant events. They notify each client of the respective opportunity separately.From this successful practice, we can conclude: give VIP customers access to special offers and opportunities. To do this, it is useful to have long-term partnerships with luxury brands. On their basis, you can create discounts, early accesses and other opportunities that will interest rich clients.

  5. Maximum comfort
    One of the best ways to give people the opportunity to feel special is to surround them with comfort and care. Add special bonuses to your event that can interest such an audience: early entrance, priority seating and free snacks, an invitation to the next VIP event, etc. You can even combine these incentives with the general idea of any future event.
  6. Bet on influential people. 

    When organizing a tour of the famous coach Tony Robbins, there was provided a special opportunity for VIP guests. All owners of expensive tickets received copies of the coach’s latest book, as well as the opportunity to meet him in person before the event, take a picture, and exchange a couple of phrases. A further conference was more personal and emotional for these guests. Conclusion for event managers: always invite a celebrity, industry expert, or influential person to a VIP event.

  7. Carry out a VIP competitionGive event guests the opportunity to win status gifts associated with the main focus of the event. Dinner in a luxury restaurant, concert tickets, spa certificate – it can be anything. Of course, first, you need to analyze the tastes and interests of the audience.
  8. Gift exclusive tickets to the keynote speechesуслуги организации праздниковScientific and other conferences are distinguished by a variety of speeches. But the most valuable are the ones that feature the best speakers, and the audience is a community of interested like-minded people. What could be better than the opportunity to discuss the hottest topics in a small group of people? Offer VIP guests tickets for such speeches.
  9. Develop online directions. 

    If some VIP guests cannot attend the event, do not forget about them. Offer them an online exclusive: paid access to the most valuable event materials or the ability to watch events using high-quality broadcasts.

  10. Invite those who will give an event the flair. 

    Think about inviting people who are widely known in this niche. They will make it a landmark event: especially if you provide the audience with the opportunity to personally talk to a celebrity. Sometimes a guest with a big name is enough to make the event discussed and valuable.

  11. Elaborate special discounts. 

    This is especially helpful if you are planning a VIP event that focused on regular customers. Since you already know what they are most interested in (based on the data obtained as a result of their past interactions), you can offer them a discount for which they will be grateful to you.

  12. Provide members-only access for VIP guests. 

    At most annual festivals there is a series of events where VIP users receive many privileges – while regular visitors do not have access. For example, the places closest to the stage are reserved for customers. VIPs also receive tickets for free tastings and other bonuses.

  13. Don’t forget about holidays. 

    A holiday – regardless of its status and significance – this is what people expect. If the event coincides with the holiday date, do something for the guests in honor of this: free snacks, prize draws, souvenirs … These little things will help to make the event memorable.

  14. Identify the audience needsАгентство event

    High-ranking guests of the event are mostly busy leaders who, most likely, will need to be distracted from the main stages of the event, maybe sit down at laptops and do urgent work. Give them this opportunity: provide a VIP center with soundproofing, lounge chairs, work tables, snacks and drinks at the location. To prevent them from missing anything, organize a live broadcast of the main events.

  15. Introduce guests to influential figures. 

    Sometimes all it takes to make people feel special is to be greeted by the higher-ups within your company. Knowing that they are more than just an account number to the key decision-makers makes customers feel more personally connected to the brand as a whole. Use this idea for corporate events.

  16. Give guests exclusive opportunities. 

    A good example of this idea is the preview of famous films. Long before official distribution, a preview of the new film is organized for VIPs, with additional events, branded gifts, and other exclusive opportunities. In exchange, all guests become advertising persons promoting the product to the masses.

  17. Appeal to your attendees’ unique tastes. 

    This year, VIP participants at CloudFest, a reputable IT conference, were invited to an exclusive cuisine at the luxurious Bell Rock Hotel. There they were shown the backstage of the work of chefs. As informal tasters, VIPs enjoyed an impressive variety of food and wine.The organizers did it for a reason. They deeply studied the audience and offered them something that is really interesting. Take advantage of this practice for your events.

  18. Give the most important thing. 

    Coachella is one of the most profitable music and art festivals in the world. One of its unique aspects is that it is held in the desert. Taking care of their guests, the organizers give them just essentials: places with a comfortable shadow and the best bathrooms.

  19. Host multi-day events. 

    VIP guests are busy people. It may happen that the specific date of your event does not fit into their schedule. But if the event takes 2-3 days, the opportunities for visiting expand.

  20. Let guests compliment the chef themselves.

    Never underestimate how much people like to eat If you plan to include a high-end chef, check to see if he is outgoing enough to share his passion with interested attendees (for an additional fee, of course). This approach extends to other options. It doesn’t matter if you invite musicians, an artist or a bartender.


VIP events have a very specific goal: to create an unforgettable and exclusive experience for a group of key interested parties. There are many ways to influence visitors before, during, and after an event. Analyze your audience, use ideas and achieve goals.