ARENA CS is your professional organizer and conductor of webinars in Zoom on a turnkey basis

The worldwide pandemic and quarantine restrictions have made significant changes in the lives of commercial companies and individuals. First of all, this dramatic event requires a face-to-face meeting. Seminars, training, lectures, and lessons have almost entirely moved to the online format. The collective name for such events is the webinar. The primary platform for them is Zoom, a specialized video conferencing service. It provides many opportunities for online meetings, although it requires experience in organizing broadcasts.

Zoom platform has its advantages and disadvantages

Why do Zoom webinars

Zoom platform for webinars has several significant advantages over other media:

Availability. The platform works on all devices – from a powerful personal computer to an old smartphone. Thanks to this, you can gather a large audience.

Functionality. The platform has many different tools to engage listeners and motivate them to interact with the lecturer.

Encryption. Broadcasts are protected from the presence of unwanted audiences. You can even create a closed webinar, in which only those people to who the organizer has granted access take part.

Variety of formats and themes. Zoom webinars can be of any topic. Therefore, the platform is used for corporate meetings, and for school lessons, and classes with a coach.

Interaction with the audience. The platform allows broadcasting and real-time communication with participants, giving tasks, and answering questions.

It should be noted that Zoom is a complex platform with many additional features. It is pretty challenging to set up and conduct high-quality broadcasting here. In particular, the wide range of paid options makes it difficult for a beginner to understand, although they can be used to make a webinar of the highest quality.

What webinars can be hosted at Zoom

Zoom is designed to present theoretical material using interactive elements. This is an analog of live lectures, 100% replacing real meetings in classrooms. Therefore, you can arrange:

  •       educational lesson on any topic, from mathematics to astrology;
  •       informational lecture with minimal interaction with the audience;
  •       sports activity such as fitness or yoga;
  •       psychological training, both group and individual;
  •       corporate training courses;
  •       reports and meetings in the working group.

You can state your opinion on any issue. At the same time, you do not have to spend money on organizing the venue, providing participants with places, renting premises, catering, etc.

How to organize a Zoom webinar

To start the broadcast, press a couple of buttons. Making high-quality and engaging content out of streaming video is an entirely different task.

The point is that you need to take care of:

  •       scenarios according to which the lecturer will broadcast;
  •       equipment and its correct placement;
  •       the speaker’s behavior in the frame and when interacting with the audience;
  •       stability of the video and sound stream;
  •       customizing the display of the screen or part of it;
  •       additional elements, such as graphs and tables;
  •       prompt solution of technical problems.

This is not to mention the marketing part because the audience needs to be attracted to the Zoom webinar. For example, it is advertising on social networks or via e-mail newsletters. And after the start of the lesson, the audience must also be kept, involving them in activity. This is done using the platform’s multimedia elements such as an interactive whiteboard, pins, stickers, etc. Some of these widgets are paid; others are available without purchasing additional licenses. In any case, all this requires knowledge of the algorithms of the platform and experience of use. Therefore, to organize a high-quality and memorable webinar, we recommend contacting a professional team.

It is important not only to attract the audience’s attention, but also to hold it

Zoom webinars from ARENA CS

Our company has been working in the field of organizing online events since 2019, and last year alone, we held more than 500 diverse events, meeting our clients’ goals. Zoom webinars are one of our areas of expertise, for which a whole team works. We provide:

  • consultations about the organization of broadcasting and the selection of speakers;
  • training for lecturers on behavior in the frame and submission of material to the Internet community;
  • marketing services to attract an audience and control the number of participants;
  • technical support, up to cameras and microphones;
  • access to paid Zoom licenses with a variety of functionality.

We organize a zoom webinar of any complexity and subject matter, guaranteeing high quality despite the number of viewers. At the same time, we take care of all the technical and organizational issues. Our customer just needs to enjoy the good reviews of the participants!