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Antivirus merch: what is being given to event guests now

Daria 09.10.2020

The coronavirus epidemic has set new trends, including in the field of event organization. Even in such trifles as promotional gifts, there is now a concern for the health of the participants.…
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Catering in a new way: antivirus ideas for events

Daria 07.10.2020

Online events can hardly be called a full-fledged alternative to traditional events. Yes, the remote format solves many problems: you do not need to worry about the seating of hundreds of guests…
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What happened to the event industry during the absence of events?

Daria 27.09.2020

In the spring, a difficult period awaited the event sphere. The worldwide lockdown forced customers to cancel all offline events. Everything happened suddenly and quickly: there was no time to revise plans,…
Голограммы и ивенты

Holograms in events: technologies and principles of use

Daria 22.09.2020

Holograms are, of course, not the most advanced event technology. They have been used for a long time and are quite stable. But if a hologram is made with high quality, it…
Карантин ивенты

There is no way without creativity: we make “quarantine” events fun and safe

Daria 16.09.2020

Formally, events in the regions of Ukraine that are not included in the dangerous zones are allowed. But the sheer number of restrictions is not encouraging. However, event managers are resourceful people.…

5 new trends in event management

Daria 20.08.2020

The future of the event sphere is shrouded in uncertainty. Perhaps event organizers are in the most unstable position in the entire history of their existence. Event companies are too dependent on…

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