We are looking for optimal approaches during the dark times

“The main thing is to survive”: this was Ukrainian businesses’ main task and slogan in 2022. And the companies survived: at first, it was essential to save people and facilities, and later — to restore the sales market and minimize losses. Those who succeeded were able to stabilize and, in some places, even expand their activities. Behind each such story are specific people and their ongoing hard work. Despite the war, disappointing news, threats, and challenges, they continue to work, achieve results, help the Army, and bring Victory closer.

And, of course, even more than in the pre-war period, people need to be supported and motivated, recognize achievements, demonstrate their value and prove that everything they do is not in vain. Therefore, despite the dispersion of teams across Ukraine and the world, home offices, and production facilities, it is wrong to refuse corporate celebrations. Of course, the widespread format of “feast + dancing + frivolous entertainment” now looks, to put it mildly, inappropriate. But turning the celebration into a report presentation with clichéd speeches is not the best option. Are there alternatives?

івент в укритті, урочистий бенкет

Traditional formats of corporate events should be revised in time of war

Option one: meaningful show and light buffet

Creating a show that motivates, but does not cause negative emotions or misunderstandings, is real. The best option is to turn the company’s history, people’s history, achievements, challenges, deeds, victories, and accomplishments into a show. We live in times where a blockbuster can be made based on the stories of almost every Ukrainian. Therefore, it is the stories about people’s achievements, work in new conditions, indomitability, and mutual help that are best suited for the show’s design. With the use of a director, graphic, video, 3D designers, and sound producers, you can create an unforgettable event involving the direct creators of such unique stories – a team of employees, management, partners, and even customers!

This format is one of the best for a corporate holiday during the war. After all, spectacles best contribute to the emotional release of people tired of war and anxiety.

The company achieves several goals simultaneously:

  • Motivates and unites the team. People need to be reminded how significant their contribution is; 
  • Distracts, discharges the atmosphere, and gives an opportunity to “exhale.” This psychological reset is fundamental for most people under the constant pressure of work, news, and worries about the family. 
  • It reminds about the company’s fundamental values and everyone’s role in their implementation;
  • Prevents misunderstandings related to the wrong perception of the holiday during martial law. This format will not cause negative emotions because it is far from traditional “festivals” and contains worthy meanings.
ювілей компанії, корпоратив річниця

A well thought-out program relieves and motivates people well

Option two: useful activities for team members

If the format of a neutral and concise holiday seems unacceptable under some circumstances, there are other ways to motivate the team and create an atmosphere of unity. For example, time the implementation of a valuable social project to an important date for the company. 

It may be:

  • collective production/creation of things or content, provision of services to achieve a specific social goal (aid to the Army, support for victims, organization of a holiday for children, etc.);
  • holding sports, cultural, or other events to attract attention or collect charitable contributions;
  • organizing a possibility to acquire relevant skills – tactical medicine, self-defense, mine safety, etc.

Depending on the goal, these activities can involve company employees, partners, clients, and media persons. This is a meaningful option because it emphasizes a modern vision of the business, responsibility, and a practical approach to one’s team and society.

організувати корпоратив

Charity concert during the war

Important notes

It is necessary to organize corporate events. But it is essential not to forget about our new normal – security. Unfortunately, celebrating in your home office is not a very good idea because military threats remain relevant. And we are talking not only about air alarms but also about power and Internet outages. It is unlikely that the celebration will be successful if the screens go out and the microphones are turned off in the middle of the show.

Therefore, the minimum plan when looking for a location for an event is as follows:

  • safe place (underground venue or facilities in the west of Ukraine with shelter nearby);
  • availability of an alternative source of electricity (for example, a generator);
  • stable Internet connection (the best option at the moment is Starlink);
  • well developed and announced action plan in case an air alert is announced during the event.

Any positive, valuable, motivating corporate event is now in time.

The people in the rear must preserve the resource state of mind because the economy must work. However, when organizing such events, it is essential to observe the “golden mean,” removing all the pre-war “surpluses.” Loud celebrations with joy and non-stop dancing and singing will remain relevant immediately after the Victory.