Emergency aid for Mariupol

27 Jan

Just a few days before dozens of people were killed and injured in the horrific barrage of Mariupol by the Russia-backed terrorists, a training in Kyiv targeted doctors specifically from Ukraine’s Eastern regions, about 30 people altogether, who could learn and try advanced contemporary life-saving techniques of first aid and treating chronic illnesses among displaced Eastern Ukrainians. 12 participants came specifically from Mariupol and perhaps used their knowledge in the aftermath of the attack to save the lives of their patients.

But even without it, the event would have been important, as the refugees from the war zone now number a few hundred thousand people who oftentimes find themselves in new environments without their usual medicine, having lost their medical records and doctors who treated them.

Arena CS is proud of its participation in improving medical help to such people — the help that will save lives. This training lasted 10 days — unusually long, perhaps — but we managed the long run with a fast-paced changing of teachers and trainers smoothly.