Fair Game

06 Oct

Since the beginning of the school year there was heated debate about schooling in this country. This is understandable: many reforms show a less than fantastic results , so in relation to reform Ukraine today is not unambiguous. I would like to draw more attention to the children and their health today.

So I want to write about the project, estimated at promoting football and a healthy lifestyle among children and youth. The project is called ” Fair Game ” and aims to spread knowledge about AIDS and healthy lifestyle.

Ukraine suffers from one of the most severe HIV epidemics in Europe , because , according to experts , the country is home to 201 thousand HIV -positive people and HIV prevalence among adults aged 19 to 49 years is 0.66 %. According to official statistics , every day HIV infection diagnosed in 57 people , another 27 people are diagnosed with «AIDS» , and in addition 11 people die from diseases associated with AIDS. But generally it is a fact that official statistics do not reflect the real extent of the epidemic, since in fact the number of people living with HIV are much higher than reported in official sources.

It is therefore important to establish among schoolchildren responsible attitude to their own sexuality and to their health and others. And it is these values: responsibility, honesty , solidarity — lie at the basis of ” football ethics .”

Project «Fair Play — Fair Game » is designed for physical education teachers , coaches youth soccer teams , educators , organizers, experts in extracurricular educational work, social workers and other specialists instructor Project «Fair Play — Fair Game » may be those who is willing to participate in the project.

In general, spring and summer project «Fair Play — Fair Game ,» which is the main executor of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), 5 workshops organized for participants from different regions Ukrayinyde they became acquainted with an updated methodology mobile games through football and life skills training , including HIV / AIDS.

After training, participants receive benefits «Fair Game — Premier League » to work with children 12-14 years and «Fair Game — Major League» to work with young people aged 15-17. In the future, each instructor received project materials will teach and coordinate the work of volunteer trainers in your area.

The project has covered 14 regions of Lviv to Luhansk and Sumy on to Nicholas. Furthermore, the project is implemented in partnership with the State Service of Ukraine on AIDS and Other Socially Dangerous Diseases , Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine , Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine Football Federation , an international organization ” Football for All «(Grassroot Soccer), as well as» Volunteers of the United Nations «/ UN Volunteers.

Badri Machavariani , an experienced international expert and coordinator of Open Fun Football Schools in Georgia, served as head coach. We talked a lot during the project. In his view, best practices and perfectly adapted to the Ukrainian context. «We have two years of working closely with the Ukrainian colleagues. Therefore, children with even the most remote corners of the real Ukraine may join the project , »- he said.

Told me the head of prevention of HIV / AIDS GIZ Kade Martin , the success of the project exceeded the expectations of organizers. «We do not plan to stop there, but continue to strive for our ultimate goal — to bring to the project, about 30,000 Ukrainian children and show them the benefits of healthy lifestyles and responsible behavior, to instill in them team spirit and learn to organize their leisure time. After all, the only way to raise a healthy younger generation. »