Fearlessness and love in Kryvyi Rih

25 May

5000 young men and women had a great time at the city music festival “Zero Chances to AIDS!”.

On May 23, best music bands of Kryvyi Rih collaborated against the spread of HIV in Ukraine, performing at a music festival “Zero Chances to AIDS!”. More than 5,000 young people attended the event, had a good time, but also learned more about prevention and control of the disease that remains one of the greatest threats to mankind.

Musicians from the scene urged their fans not to neglect sex safety and especially not to gamble with the lives and health by trying any drugs. But the speeches of the headliners were not the main part of the event. During the festival, there were a street library open, competitions held, and people could even have their blood tested for HIV.

Over 400 visitors attended free and anonymous testing at the concert. Unfortunately, a preliminary positive result was found in 14 people. This fact in itself says a lot about the extent of the problem.

Although there is a trend towards improvement. According to the doctor of the city Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS Gennady Kruglenko, if earlier each day HIV was diagnosed in 6 people in the city, today this figure has decreased by more than half.

The festival organized by the German Society for International Cooperation, Ukrainian Center for Control of Socially Dangerous Diseases of the Ministry of Healthcare, the executive committee of Kryvyi Rih City Council and the Institute of the city of Kryvyi Rih.

“Arena CS” focuses not only on the status of international events. Organizing a concert is for us just as easy. For this specific festival, we have provided the stage, sound, light, logistical support, accommodation, transfers – something without which no concert is possible. The nearly perfect organization allowed the public to relax and have fun, and hence to accept an important social message of the event.

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