Jamala wins Eurovision 2016. Next stop is Ukraine

jamala ukraine winner eurovision 2016
16 May

The famous singer Susana Jamaladinova, teached with opera’s pieces of subtlety and come out under her scenic pseudonym «Jamala», earned 534 points. Her hard song with the year of 1994 in its name was dedicated to the process of the Tatar deportation of the Crimea according to the order of the tyrant Josef Stalin. The song became a real revelation among numerous tunes of feelings. That is why Jamala didn’t go unnoticed by the viewers from all over the Europe (including the juries and ordinary people).

Australian Dami Im occupied the second position with her 511 points, whereas Russian singer Sergey Lazarev was the third one with his score of 491 points.

Jamala’s considerable emphasis on the Crimean Peninsula could be interpreted as some kind of Russian criticism, but the singer approved that her song had no political overtones. This fact was accepted by the world–wide juries.

Dami Im, a native of South Korea, was kept as the leader during the counting of the juries’ votes, but her incredible song finally was moved on the second position.

«You Are the Only One», performed by Russian singer, Sergey Lazarev, had the most unbelievable visual effects. Clothed in black, Russian singer climbed the LED–display and went through the space on a virtual lump of ice.

The majority of Russuan fans consider that all the juries had some political biliousness while evaluating the participants’ songs. According to the popular vote, Sergey Lazarev was the only leader with the highest score.

Ukraine is the winner for the second time (the first one came in 2004 with Ruslana’s «Wild Dances»).

This Eurovision of 2016 demonstrated unexpected results. Jamala’s song leaded Ukraine to its second victory with the score of 534 points in common. Having touched the hearts of the countries all over the world, «1944» will undoubtedly become one of the most famous songs of the XXI century.

Everyone’s watching Ukraine recently. Will this pretty country be a competent member of the global community? And is Ukraine worthy of it? The current 2016 showed that it can be so. Winning of Ukrainian singer Jamala proves that culturally Ukraine can give odds to the Europe.

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