On English holiday for one night!

11 Jul

June 17th at 19:00
In the café-bar FORTE of Alfavito Hotel
We are glad to invite You to switch off from worries and spend Thursday night cheerfully and effectively in English-speaking atmosphere. This is the chance of a lifetime to relax and play with interesting people and native speakers.
English Gaming Club is a joint project of International System of Foreign Language Schools Denis’ School, agency for conference-service and business tourism Arena CS and Alfavito Hotel with support of the official partner TicketForEvent.

You will be able to:
➢ Practice English and break the language barrier with native speaker and professional teachers.
➢ Make light-hearted express-acquaintance with the representatives of leading companies of Ukraine.
➢ Play jolly and fascinating games MAFIA and ALIAS in English.
➢ Experience homely atmosphere, supporting acquaintances and communication.
➢ Attend comfortable restaurant and try gourmet appetizers and drinks from the Hotel.
➢ Receive pleasant prizes and presents from the organizers!

Afford an opportunity to have a party in the middle of the week!
Program of the event:
18:30 — Start of Registration
18:30-19:00 — Welcome-coffee and appetizers from Alfavito
19:00-19:30 — Express-acquaintance from Arena CS
19:30-21:30 — MAFIA and ALIAS from Denis’ School
21:30-22:00 — Congratulations to the winners and organizers
22:00-23:00 — Optional — free networking and party
Seats are limited! Registration is finished with 50 participants enrolled.
Those, who don`t manage to register, We are glad to invite for the event in autumn.
Register right now www. EGC. ticketforevent. com!
For whom — top and middle management of companies. Preferred English levels — Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate
Cost of participation — 200 UAH