Ukraine joins fight against global warming

Украина определяет новые квоты для климатических переговоров в Париже
18 Sep

Proposals for new national quotas discussed at Kyiv roundtable

On September 15, Commerce and Industry Chamber of Ukraine held a roundtable of its Committee on Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, which focused on national contributions expected from Ukraine in a new climatic agreement. This agreement, which is supposed to be signed at climate talks in late 2015 by all the world’s governments in Paris, will determine how much each country will have to reduce in the coming years the greenhouse gas emissions that cause devastating climate change.

Of course, Ukrainian entrepreneurs should be prepared for these quotas. In addition, Ukraine has a significant place in world trading, because our industry is not allowed to use up all of its emission norms. At the same time, the humankind has no more time to delay the adoption of new global commitment: hurricanes, rising sea levels, drought, extreme heat and rain and other extreme weather events and disasters have the capacity to make the planet uninhabitable within decades.

More than 100 business representatives, officials, scientists and activists took part in the active discussion which lasted all day. Ukraine is among the countries with the highest emissions per unit of GDP. So action is needed immediately. The Government proposes to reduce emissions by 2030 to 60% of the 1990 baseline for Ukraine; this is the figure Ukraine will insist on at the negotiations in Paris.

“Arena CS” provided conference support, high-quality catering and buffet for the event in Kyiv, indicating the seriousness of the position of Ukraine in the fight against climate change and its willingness to join the global climatic mobilization.