Ukrainian Democracy School makes it to the Norwegian TV

08 Jun

“Democracy School” trainian was held on 18-23 April 2015 in the Kyiv region as a joint initiative of the European Vergeland Centre, Council of Europe and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The project is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

Although Ukraine has recently been undergoing many changes, there is little doubt that truly revolutionary reforms cannot be arranged without changing the consciousness of the Ukrainians, first of all, the youth. Therefore, it is important to educate those on whose shoulders the responsibility for the country’s tomorrow rests in the understanding of democracy, based on the experience of the most successful Western countries.

Norway, in particular, is just such a country. Quite symbolically, the national organization responsible for international assistance and the spread of democratic values, named after Henrik Wergeland, the Norwegian poet and historian who so believed in education that has turned his personal library to the public.

Today Norwegians help Ukrainian students to better understand the functioning of a democratic society, precisely at this kind of seminars. The April workshop brought dozens of teenagers from all over the metropolitan area. They received not only new knowledge but also lots of fun from participating in interesting and entertaining training format.

And the organizer of the event, a member of the European Wergeland Centre Kjersti Klette recently us sent an email saying, “the seminar was excellent, it was even showed on the Norwegian national television in the Sunday news!”

And this is just the beginning. Ukraine needs more events like this.