We bring the newest methods to Ukraine

19 Nov

A few days ago, Arena CS participated in ECREA 2014 European Communication Conference in Lisbon that gathered around 1,500 participants (only three Ukrainians among them) to discuss a set of issues in today’s media, ranging from the problems with social media algorithms and big data to how a media startup can succeed. One of the most interesting and practical panels concerned the alternatives to the increasingly obsolete content analysis, which are machine-driven big data approach and more qualitative liquid content analysis.

Thanks to our participation in the conference, our clients will soon be able to obtain a unique service; media research into the public impact of the event based on liquid content analysis — sooner than anyone else in Ukraine. PR and media support are inherent parts of the conference packages we offer to our clients, and our experience, creativity, wide network of media contacts including personal — as well as being in touch with global professional context — all make sure our clients get the most when it comes to media interaction.