When to expect Ukrainian “Game of Thrones”?

29 Oct

We do not really know when the Ukrainian equivalent of «Game of Thrones» will skyrocket the world, if ever, but one thing is sure: to make this reality, Ukraine needs to adopt Western standards of culture management. Unfortunately, the local approach is still very dated and concerns mainly the management of decrepit state-run property like libraries and museums, while in the West the so-called «copyright» or «creative industries» generate a good deal of national income and pour new blood in de-industrialized economies. Arena CS has just assisted in organizing a conference co-held by the EU and Ministry of Culture where about 100 experts shared their knowledge and experience with the Ukrainian colleagues. Way to go — but the way has started! For us specifically, it was interesting to operate in the squeaky new Hilton Hotel in Kyiv. Good experience, and our professional topography in Kyiv is now even broader.