The event organizer is pleased to hear the phrase “All tickets are sold.” This inspires the entire team of event managers. But not only them. Interested visitors, seeing the sale rate of tickets, experience a “fear” of missing an event. Therefore, they haste to make a purchase as quickly as possible.

How to achieve such a result and increase the ticket sale rate? Choose the right types of tickets for each event. A competent approach will increase the value of the event for visitors, activating the demand for empty seats. Let’s talk about seven common types of tickets and the reasons for using them in the practice of the event manager.

1. General admission ticket

What it means: the most common option. It is relevant for almost all events and occupies most of the total number of tickets. It provides only the right to enter the event: without visiting certain locations and additional services. In the western segment, it is called General admission or GA. This is the most inexpensive option for admission to the event.

Why use it: this is a basic pass for the most part of visitors. In addition, he can convert part of the audience into buyers of VIP passes (they will see the restrictions and want to get the right to all services).

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2. VIP

What it means: tickets in the form of VIP packages offer a separate category of visitors a maximum of opportunities at a price that they can afford to pay. By means of premium tickets, organizers attract new visitors and earn more money. This pass option is the second most important after GA. But it is important that the organizing team really had something to offer: special services and locations.

Why use it: Western event market researchers have come to the conclusion that passes to VIP seats make 10% of the total number of tickets sold and bring about 25% of the revenue. They are also a guarantee of attendance: by paying a large amount of money, the visitor will try to come to the event for sure.

3. Reserved seats

What it means: booking tickets for specific seats is an easy decision from the point of view of the organization. But it is very much appreciated by the guests of the event.

Why use it: give visitors the right to choose where they want to sit, and they will appreciate this opportunity. Modern online tools will provide a convenient early booking. Places located as close as possible to the performer or speaker will be particularly in demand.

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4. Multi-day pass

What it means: if the event goes on for several days, it’s better for the organizers to provide visitors with the opportunity to choose the option of a multi-day pass for all types of events. This will greatly simplify organization issues and attendance algorithms. Visitors themselves will decide at what time and at what events to come.

Why use it: a multi-day pass removes barriers for attendance. It allows people to choose which sessions or performances to attend. This is much more convenient than buying individual tickets for each interesting event within one event.

5. One-day pass

What it means: we return to the previous condition. If the event lasts several days, not every guest will want to attend it in this format. Someone is interested in attending only one of the events – or the schedule allows you to spend here only one day. Why not give them such an opportunity?

Why use it: the price of a multi-day pass to festivals or conferences does not suit all segments of the target audience. Not everyone is ready to attend daily events. A one-day ticket solves both problems: it can be sold at an affordable cost, and it allows viewers to join the event for the amount of time that they can afford.

6. Early discount

What it means: early booking tickets are used to provide the audience with the maximum possible discount on attending the event: but on condition that the purchase is done within a strictly defined time frame (for example, six months before the event). In each case, you need to individually decide when to start and stop the early sale, and what size of the discount to offer the visitors.

Why use it: for loyal fans or potential visitors, early booking is an interesting opportunity to get the right for accommodation at a discount and reserve the right to enter long before the start of sales of “regular” tickets.

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7. Promotional code discount

What it means: targeted discounts give certain groups of visitors the opportunity to purchase tickets at a reduced price using a special promotional code. This is a great way to start a pre-sale for regular customers, to offer discounts at the last moment. Also, such discounts are offered to partners.

Why use it: discounts allow you to bring back the visitors from previous similar events. Promotional codes can be offered as a wholesale discount option for certain groups of visitors. This is also a sales promotion tool if you have the last few tickets to sell.