The choice of a company, which will be responsible for holding enterprise’s anniversary, will provide services in holidays organization, has to be based not on accident advices, but on objective factors.

How long does an events’ organization agency exist?

ARENA CS – is a company, which exists and successfully functions in market since 2004. Representatives of the agency are engaged in events’ organization, conferences and other events not only in the territory of Ukraine. ARENA CS has a great number of happy clients abroad: in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Asia and Western Europe. It is a high rate, but the company is not satisfied with what has already been achieved. Work in expansion’s direction of cooperation horizons is constantly conducted!

агентство организации мероприятий

Events’ organization agency: question of competitiveness

  • The competitiveness is confirmed by the following 6 factors: First-class quality. Event’s organization passes in the highest category.
  • The event’s organization agency can make any holiday for a company, based on an available budget.
  • As well as each reputable agency, the ARENA CS Company carefully approaches questions of advertizing and presentation of provided services.
  • The event’s organization agency offers the following services: events’ organization, holding banquets, organization of sporting events, corporate holidays etc.
  • Research and development. Event’s organization manager and representatives of the management are constantly analyze market and estimate demand, what induces to constant improvement.
  • In the company work 67 employees, who are improved in their skills, take courses and use additional opportunities of training.

Event’s organization agency arena cs: statistics of projects

агентство организации мероприятий

Each client who comes for service, wants to know about professional experience of employees, number of organized events. The event’s organization agency represents achievements in a chronological order:

  • 2010-2012. At this time the company held from 500 to 840 events a year, what was an excellent indicator for those years.
  • 2013-2015. With approach of these times the figure rose up from 850 events in 2013 up to 1058 holidays in 2015.
  • Employees’ efforts, motivation from the management and correct approach to clients gave the result: 1751 events for 71 200 participants.

Event’s organization agency: holding events for the ARENA CS

агентство организации мероприятий

Company there are no barriers and unsolvable problems. In a work process a holiday organizer copes with different tasks. Beginning from scenarios and finishing with questions of food, communication and accommodation. All clients’ wishes are not only considered, but are basis, around which all events are built. You can read more about us here.