Each event agency, which wants to please a client, has to exercise in a question of development of a scenario judgment. Do you think where it is possible to carry out a corporate event? Do you consider options of carrying out a corporate event? Do you discuss what program for a corporate event will be the most pleasant to guests? You do not need to worry about it anymore; the event agency ARENA CS knows answers to all these questions!

The evevnt agency writes scenarios under laws of dramatic art!

When it comes to script writing for a corporate event, a manager-organizer, who represents the event agency ARENA CS, remembers laws of a dramatic art. Why to observe these laws when you organize a corporate event (holiday)?

  1. An opportunity to direct participants, to adjust them on a necessary wave of an event.
  2. Preservation of guests’ genuine interest in succession of actions during an event.
  3. Providing “aftertaste” from an event.

The event agency, which does not know how to keep attention of participants during a corporate event, does not cost your attention and your money. By the way, a cost of a corporate event is calculated for each client depending on a number of ordered services.

An event agency: rules of dramatic art

The event manager is a person, who knows how an ideal scenario has to look like, how a program for a corporate event is selected and how to carry out a corporate event that all guests were satisfied, and objectives were achieved. The event agency ARENA CS knows, that under laws of dramatic art, a scenario has to be structured:

  • Tie – the beginning of an event, which purpose is acquaintance of participants among themselves, communication with speakers and owner of a holiday, orientation to areas. An event agency has to think over a tie in the way, which will allow guests to felt comfortable on an organized event.
  • The culmination is a “sharp” moment, which is based on deduction of all participants’ attention. The event agency ARENA CS always responsibly approaches a question of definition of an evening’s culmination.
  • Outcome is a termination of a corporate event, a logical result of an event.

An event manager, who is not capable to create a unique scenario, cannot apply for obtaining orders from clients. The event agency ARENA CS works only with experts who know how to organize a corporate event and to please a customer!

Агентство праздничных услуг

What is an event manager? This is a person, who understands that a customer is a king, whose desire is a law! We not only know what is necessary for you, we know how to reach it!

Yulia Gulevich

ак провести новогодний корпоратив

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