Organization of corporate holidays and events? Carrying out important business negotiations, PR organization of events, meetings or conferences? Organization of a presentation? When an important event on which the major contract depends comes new partnership, merge or just reputation of a company, than you shouldn’t trust to beginners in an event industry. Search of events’ organization firm could take too much precious time if we did not come to the rescue. The ARENA CS Company will help to make unforgettable business event.

What business event can employees of arena cs organize?

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Professional events’ organization is an activity, in which our event managers are engaged more than 14 years. It is not important at all for us, what type of an event will be ordered, whether it will be a presentation for investors, a business meeting, a seminar, a conference or reception of a minister. Business event is a small life in which employees put all forces and skills. Our ideas and offers never repeat, because each event, as well as its customer is unique and original.

Business event: events of which we are proud!

We do not offer clients to take us a word; we always give a chance to be convinced of our professionalism. When a customer makes a choice for this or that event agency, he has to be sure that he made a correct decision. There are several events which were held by our employees:

  • Forums: IX Kiev forum of safety, IV Forum of civil society’s development, forum “The right to know. Transparency of authorities: calls and achievements”, Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum;
  • Conferences: conference Faure, “Media and Elections in Ukraine” conference, “Development of the Control System of Quality of Clinical Laboratory in Ukraine” conference, Conference “Decentralization reform: opportunities and innovations”, international conference on fight against corruption, 2nd Eastern Partnership Civil Society Conference;
  • Holding meetings and sessions: Meeting of national socially economic council, working meeting on reform of municipal printed media;
  • Seminars: educational seminar for regional offices of reforms;
  • Round tables: advisory round table “Participation of women in conflicts’ prevention”, UNAIDS, round table of the Council of Europe.

Business event and other events: question of a ratio of concepts

Бизнес ивент

Carrying out a corporate event, organization of corporate events outdoors, holding a corporate party, organization of firm’s anniversary – we undertake everything! But it does not mean at all that business events are similar to these holidays. We are engaged in organization of different events, we are professionals, who know their business. No matter, how many will be participants, what kind of theme will be or how many wishes will have a customer. With ARENA CS business event is in reliable hands!

Organization and holding events by arenacs:

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