During times of big changes for the country, civil society has to offer the direction of changes and to influence reforms implementation. Leading non-governmental organizations are actively working on engaging experts into work on the development of reforms package for the effective and sustainable growth of the Ukrainian economy.

Team of Arena CS — a conference services and business tourism agency, is well known for its high standards of service and ability to immediately react to the complex challenges due to its 10 years of experience of events planning all over the world. This is why a leading worldwide known civil organization had chosen Arena CS to plan the Event.

We were responsible for Within a short period of time we were able to provide smooth and coordinated event organization:

— 12 conference halls equipped with simultaneous translation equipment

— meet&greet service for experts from 7 countries (it was the day after the terrible tragedy #MH17 took place, shocking all civilized society)

— promo materials design, production and distribution

— administrating

— engineering support of the complex equipment by a reliable and responsible partner contributed to the concentration of the participants exceptionally on the goal of the event without any holdbacks and claims.

Among the Conference participants there were official state authorities, leading European Union and Ukrainian experts and civil activists. 200 people were working hard during 3 days on the strategic reforms offers for Ukraine.

As comfort, confidentiality, smooth workflow, handouts, mutual understanding and technical support were under control of the Arena CS team, the event went successfully and we anticipate its quick influence on the sustainable growth of our Motherland.

The main task of the Arena CS team is to create conditions for the event participants and initiators allowing them concentrating on the goal of the event with no worries, no obstacles.

Arena CS is the conference service and business tourism agency operating on the Ukrainian market since 2004. During these 10 years the company has organized and held more than 5000 events all over the world for the well-known international and local companies and civil organizations. «Responsible. Prepared. Done» — is the main motto and landmark for the Arena CS team.