Our holiday bureau ARENA CS has been on the event services market for over 14 years. Professional organization of events is our core business. Business events account for about 50% of the total work coverage. Business events are: forums, press tours, conferences, trainings, briefings, etc. Our event business is successful, we lead the rating of event agencies. This is largely the merit of our employees.

Business events: we correctly define the purpose of the event

In order to successfully conduct business events, first of all, it is necessary to determine the goals of the event. Goals may include:

  1. Organization of holidays in Kiev forms a positive image,
  2. Strengthening ties with regular customers and partners, attracting new ones.
  3. Presentation of new services, goods, goods.
  4. Organization of a corporate event and events allows you to increase sales.

These are the general goals of the event that business events can have. There are also personal goals, those that the customer personally pursues, for example, getting a promotion at the head office. Successful celebrations, scenarios, events – 100% implementation of the set goals. Therefore, initially it is necessary to determine the goals by answering the question WHY.