All events organization firms try to catch as much as possible clients. Here only, not all agencies are ready to difficulties while events preparation. Are you interested in business event or, perhaps, in an organization of corporate holidays and events? Do you plan carrying out a corporate holiday? Events organization firms can promise gold mountains, but whether they at least know, how they have to look? We will tell about everything that should know customers and clients about our ARENA CS Company.

фирмы по организации мероприятий

Events organization firms: how to open an event agency?

You are looking for an event agency to order an event or you plan to become an owner of a similar company? It is not so important, article will help everyone: to both future customers and future competitors (if, after all, you decide to open an event agency). The organization of holidays (Ukraine) is an activity, in which the ARENA CS Company engaged since 2004. Holding mass events, constant search of clients, improvement of own skills, personnel’s training – and there is more to come! Events organization firms never receive everything at once. Client base, respect and reputation – it is a daily work. Don’t you trust?  Open an event agencies’ catalog and take a look, whether many companies could reach our level?

 Events organization firms: how to know a company better?

фирмы по организации мероприятий

It is not enough to find events organization firms and to read reviews of their work, because it is not a quality indicator. Do you want to know a true picture? We advise to study attentively agency’s partners to find out, what communications and opportunities the chosen company owns, because on it depends how will pass an organization of a presentation, holding a corporate party, PR events’ organization and other events. What it is necessary to know about our company?

  1. Large number of partners and contractors, thanks to which, professional events organization takes place in the best conference rooms. Dinners are served up only at the first-class restaurants, holidays are served only by professional drivers and guests live in 5-star hotels.
  2. Awards: Winner in the nomination «Best Conference»National Rating «Event Awards 2016», National rating of quality of goods and services «Star of Quality» The Best company 2016, Company of the 2012″League of the best”, Winner in the National Rating “Eventarization 2013”, Winner as «Best scenario» National award «Event Awards 2014», Ukrainian Event Awards Best creative event 2014 – 1st place, etc.
  3. Membership in international associations: MPI, World Tourism Organization, European Business Association, Association of corporate travel executives.

All presidents of Ukraine were on our events since 2004! We have service at a presidential level. Search of events organization firm is finished, because ARENA CS – is the best option!