Event manager is one of the most exciting professions today. Many job seekers present the event manager profession in a very romantic light. Let’s figure out who an event manager is and what he does.

Event manager at ARENA CS

ARENA CS is a company that has been successfully organizing corporate events since 2004 and is a leader in the event industry. Being the first in such a competitive industry is not easy. Maintaining a positive image and reputation at the required level requires a lot of effort, both from company leaders and from ordinary employees. Therefore, each new employee is treated very seriously, but at the same time with respect and respect. An event manager at ARENA CS is not just an employee, it is a person who develops and improves under the strict guidance of experienced and wise mentors, learns and receives the necessary practical skills.

Before we familiarize applicants in detail with the position of “event manager”, its duties, rights and requirements, and tell about all the opportunities in work and training, we suggest that you familiarize yourself in detail with the concept of “corporate culture” and corporate culture of ARENA CS. Every reader will need this knowledge, regardless of whether you decide to engage in event management or prefer another type of activity.

Event manager and corporate culture

Working in an event agency is not fun, not a one-day occupation. This is a lifestyle that captivates and captures a person completely. But do not forget that this is also work with people, communication between employees and issues of subordination, therefore, it is necessary to understand the issue of corporate culture.

Corporate culture – the rules, norms, models of behavior that operate in the company, are formed in the course of collective activities. Thanks to this system, employees successfully interact with each other, cooperate and help each other, which leads to more successful work. The atmosphere in the agency, the level of quality of services provided and the prosperity of the company depend on the corporate culture.