The rapidly evolving coronavirus epidemic has given rise to cancel the Mobile World Congress event. MWC is the largest technological annual event. 100 thousand people and more than 28 thousand companies announced their participation in 2020. Most of them are representatives of the PRC. The first signal to cancel the event was the ban on flights from China, initiated to contain the coronavirus.

Despite the enhanced security measures, a list of which was presented in advance, large participants who arrived at the event voiced their refusals. They feared a high level of risk: such a number of participants undoubtedly carried a potential threat of infection.

In the end, the initiator and organizer of the event – GSMA – had to cancel the event, citing the lack of opportunities for a normal event. The question remains whether after this the MWC conference will remain one of the main technological events in the world.

Из-за коронавируса отменили крупнейший технологический ивент