Personalization is a marketing trend. It is relevant for the event sphere too. Analysis of the industry shows that event managers and their clients are interested in understanding the needs and expectations of their target audience. This data is necessary to improve the experience of event visitors. To get them, the organizers use a set of different tools. The most famous of them: questionnaires, surveys at locations and Bluetooth-technology.

The introduction of the latter is still limited. The reasons are trivial: the high price and complexity of the installation. Many simply do not understand the full scope of technology’s potential. Often its use is limited to counting the number of visitors. As for the questionnaires and surveys after the events: the quality of answers in them is not always high, and they cannot provide continuous data collection throughout the event.

The optimal solution may be a face analysis technology. It is actively developing and can now provide valuable data on event visitors. Organizers use it as a supplement to other ways of collecting information or as an alternative to outdated methods. Based on the technological capabilities of artificial intelligence, face analysis helps to continuously obtain information to better understand the audience and improve its experience.

Machine Vision in the Event Industry

Computer or machine vision is the analysis and processing of real images to solve specific applied problems. The processes are carried out automatically, without human intervention.

Example: photo function in a modern smartphone. A person simply presses the button: the system at this time analyzes the objects in the frame, the degree of illumination, and other conditions, choosing the optimal characteristics for the finished image.

The same principle applies to applications that automatically add effects and filters on top of a person’s face. They recognize the image, analyze the data and place objects (for example, funny ears) in the “proper place”. Many cloud services offer a similar approach: you can create albums and automatically sort pictures depending on the objects depicted on them.

Machine vision and facial analysis are also used in more serious areas: for example, for data protection, passport customs control at airports, authentication, etc. Modern gadgets (smartphones, laptops) are equipped with innovative security features: for fingerprint scanning and face recognition.

Как анализ лиц помогает персонализировать мероприятия

Computer vision mechanisms are also used in the event industry: most often to speed up the registration process and increase the safety of participants. But that is far from all.

The prospects of technology in the event sphere 2020

Face analysis is a suitable technology for obtaining up-to-date data on visitors and increasing the quality of events. Using the capabilities of machine vision, one surveillance camera at a location can analyze the following data options:

  1. The number of people. In milliseconds, the system receives and analyzes several thousand faces at the same time.
  2. Time data. How many people are at a particular location now, how much time they spent in a particular place, etc. This information is indispensable in assessing the ROI of an event, and it can become an argument for customers and sponsors.
  3. Traffic. Actual non-stop information on the movement of people. The analysis will help to get rid of hard-to-reach places, direct people to strategically important objects.
  4. Machine vision accurately estimates the gender and age of people caught into the cameras’ field of view. The event team receives accurate information for working with the audience, targeted advertising.
  5. The mood. The system can study facial expressions of people, recognize emotions, assess the degree of involvement. At the same time, dozens of indicators of each person are analyzed: from the position of the pupils to the micromotion of the face muscles.
  6. “Objects of maximum satisfaction.” The data obtained can be combined. For example, combining information about mood and traffic, the organizing team sees exactly which locations cause positive emotions or activate the maximum interest of the audience.

Как анализ лиц помогает персонализировать мероприятия

Who may take advantage of face recognition technology?

Event managers

Event organizers receive accurate information about the target audience and the impact of the event on visitors. They can detect flaws and bottlenecks to quickly improve the situation or conduct an effective analysis. Wherever cameras work, tracking is done non-stop. This means that the event team is always up to date with current events and analyzes the audience at all “contact points”. Using information for analysis after the event, the organizers can significantly improve approaches to the preparation of new events.

Как анализ лиц помогает персонализировать мероприятия


An individual approach and the absence of organizational conflicts are what guests get thanks to technology. Collecting quantitative data using face analysis allows you to move away from audience surveys or significantly reduce the number of questions. The comfort of the guests increases significantly if the organizers use the collected data to provide personalized recommendations.

Sponsors and customers

An analysis of information and level of satisfaction helps to specifically measure the return on investment in an event.


Participants can analyze how effective their performance or stand was, find out the degree of engagement and evaluate audience satisfaction. They will find out which demographic groups appeared to be more involved. That is, they can better understand their target audience.

Accuracy and understanding of the situation.

The continuous analysis increases understanding of the event. All data consistently comes from one source. They are easy to coordinate, select and analyze. The technology has high accuracy: an estimated 95%. Therefore, this analytics is more reliable than surveys and other methods of collecting information.

Как анализ лиц помогает персонализировать мероприятия

Participants of any event generate a lot of data. With the help of machine vision, analysis of faces and capabilities of artificial intelligence, event teams collect this information, analyze it, determine regularities and draw conclusions. Therefore, they can improve the event in real-time. This technology is an affordable option in terms of investment and its efficiency. At the same time, a highly accurate and reliable simultaneous analysis of hundreds or even thousands of people is available.