With approach of New Year heads of many firms think of that of organizing a cheerful New Year’s corporate event for subordinates. How to carry out a New Year’s corporate event? It is important to choose correct a New Year’s scenario on a corporate event, theme and place of its holding as the further format of an event depends on it. It is necessary to think in advance of that where and how to carry out a New Year’s corporate event to reserve the hall at suitable restaurant. Otherwise, someone else will make it – and you’ll need to look for a place, where to note a New Year’s corporate event from remained and not always successful locations.

How to hold a new year’s corporate event? Features of event’s organization

Program on a New Year’s corporate event is a pledge of successfully held event. For a friendly party this condition is not obligatory as old friends will be able to entertain each other. However, if you need to unite many unfamiliar colleagues, a scenario for a New Year’s corporate event is a need; otherwise, it will be boring for event’s participants. An event’s program chooses depending on a budget, number of guests and their structure. Agree that the New Year’s Eve corporate event for young collective has to differ from a festive event for organization, where the most part of workers – people of pre-retirement age. Forgive, but such details should be considered.

New year’s corporate event: competitions, prizes and disco

ак провести новогодний корпоратив

We know how to carry out a New Year’s corporate event cheerfully and unforgettably! If there is no wish to hold a fancy-dress party, but just to sit at a banquet table is too boring, why not to think up interesting New Year’s competitions? For example, it can be:

  • competition on preparation of the tastiest cocktail;
  • bowling or billiards competitions;
  • New Year’s quest, etc.
  • We will offer the most interesting and not banal competitions only at personal consultation.

Of course, it is worth stocking up with prizes, because everyone likes to receive small amusing gifts – candies, souvenirs, stylish New Year’s toys. Gifts it is better to take with a stock. Disco with a professional DJ will help to finish a corporate event.

Convenience and comfort of guests – pledge of how to hold a new year’s corporate event successfully

Your guests should be surprised all the time, and, the most important – to do their holiday comfortable and pleasant. Use for this purpose different new counters for events. On events, with participation from 300 people, the service of smart phones charging is always demanded, and we allow making it innovatively, in a civilized way, in large quantities and safely.

Thanks to the Enercell platform your guests will not need to be near sockets and to watch constantly that their smart phones were not stolen. The “flying” microphones will also become not less effective tool of how to carry out a New Year’s corporate event successfully. A lot of people hesitate to speak before colleagues, limiting a discussion. The colorful “flying” catch box microphone will facilitate mood and will save from fear of a performance. Participation in an event will become more weakened, cheerful and playful. It means that even the most silent participants will not be afraid to tell and ask questions. We have all this available in a warehouse, order.

Why it is favourable to carry out a new year’s corporate event in cooperation with Arena Cs?

“10 precepts” of our company’s work:

  1. We carry out everything promised. From the first time!
  2. We strive for faultlessness and we are not content with just good!
  3. We are convinced that “God in details”. For us there are no trifles! We are professionals.
  4. We cooperate only with professionals!
  5. We are for honest business and also respect competitors.
  6. We adhere to punctuality. It is a basis of high-quality service!
  7. We are keeping up to date.
  8. We propose modern solutions! We constantly study.
  9. We adopt the best experience! We love our planet and we care about ecology!
  10. We love our job. We work with pleasure!

Unforgettable new year’s corporate event: where to hold

ак провести новогодний корпоратив

New Year’s corporate event at restaurant is the most demanded option of carrying out a holiday, but how to hold a New Year’s corporate event in original way? We will find for you restaurant with extraordinary decoration of a hall and the tastiest kitchen, we’ll think up style and event’s theme. For example, today many order a New Year’s corporate event in style of the Hawaiian party. We will also go off with a bang a fancy-dress thematic New Year’s corporate event. How to carry out a New Year’s corporate event for fans to take a walk in a big way? The joint New Year’s corporate event in country will become magnificent option of celebration and an unforgettable event for your employees. And the New Year’s corporate event at office will be suitable for those, at whom a budget is limited. And believe  it can be made unforgettable too!

How to a new year’s corporate event – all questions will be answered by ARENA CS:

Yulia Gulevich

ак провести новогодний корпоратив

marketing director of the ARENA CS Event Company.

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