Participants in 2020 events need more than the standard program. In most cases, they expect an experience that will inspire them (and share on social media) from an event. This expectation is a great opportunity for brands to connect with their audience.

“Show proof, or it wasn’t” is a common reaction of a modern person if they try to tell him something or share his experience. With the rise in popularity of social media, this trend is only growing. Therefore, modern brands, organizing events, focus on physical interaction. We have selected several ideas to help you implement this principle.

Exciting interaction

By constantly offering a neutral set of entertainment, the organizer will sooner or later begin to lose audience. Soon she will begin to look for something that will excite her, challenge the usual. A couple of ideas to keep the members involved:

  • pop-up and other non-standard events. Interactive events instead of observation ones;
  • using technology to facilitate interaction. For example, broadcasting an event, immersing participants in virtual reality, using chatbots based on artificial intelligence to communicate with guests, etc.

Realization of impressions that will be remembered by the audience

Business relations between event organizers and sponsors can be brought to a new level by using all the available potential. Here are a couple of ideas for this direction.

Cooperation for the joint creation of non-standard activities at the event

Ideas should be so successful that those who did not attend the event experience a loss of profit syndrome. It is enough to create an activity that will surprise, attract or cause nostalgia, while at the same time associating with the sponsor’s brand. To reap the mutual benefit of the event, event managers and sponsor representatives conduct a joint brainstorming session. The chosen idea can be called successful if the visitors perceive the event as a must-see.