What kind of event will be remarkable for those, who organize and hold events? What can impress event managers? The skilled event manager saw much, was in the improbable number of places, it as the modern hunter in the megalopolis jungle, therefore it is difficult to impress him …


Training of the first stream in Great Event School approaches to the end. Skilled hunters of the event-industry trained those, who will take the place in the city jungle and also will impress already independently guests on the actions organized by him.

As unforgettable ostap bender’s spoke: “keep to the point”

The last examination module will take place this Saturday. The location for such remarkable event has to be corresponding.

Event level of Great Event School examination as well as possible emphasizes flow space INVERIA, which impressed not only future event industry professionals, but also skilled meters. In this case it is pertinent to paraphrase the classic and to say: the person created creative space and now the space inspires, actively developing others!

INVERIA is the popular place in the center of the big megalopolis, which embodies up-to-date design trends of business minimalism: clarity of pure forms. Set of various light and convenient halls, great technical providing, the highest European management and the most important is the cozy, kind and inspiring atmosphere. In INVERIA you like a condition of the enveloping rest at once, when nothing presses on you. It is exactly like it is supposed to be!

“There is a wish to come back here again and again!” – the head of great event school, yulia gulyaeva told us.

Among real cases and subject trainings in Great Event School, one of the accents it is correctly chosen location, without which even the best event can lose sense. With this key issue we were very much helped by our partners: Premier Hotels and Resorts with the provided conference rooms and high services standards. We provided training in gorgeous hotels: Premier Hotel Russ, Premier Hotel Lybid and Premier Palace, and, also the trend interior and excellent organization of Inveria.

“Don’t tell us farewell!”

Examination is ahead, behind – nearly 50 hours of training. That the gained knowledge found concreteness and became event actions, it is necessary to take many steps, but Great Event School is the “beginning of a big way”, which, at persistent desire, will surely lead to a treasured purpose!