The Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group is one of the world’s largest boutique hotel chains. The company, which manages 75 hotels around the world, has published its forecast of trends regarding catering and treating guests at the events in 2020. It is already the sixth forecast that continues the annual tradition of the chain. In the coming year, experts predict the popularization of alternative nutrition, the appearance of new ingredients in dishes, as well as the demand for cocktails with low alcohol content.

The forecast is based solely on expert opinion. The survey involved 130 cooks (including chefs), bartenders and sommeliers from all hotels of the chain. The location of establishments in many countries of the world made it possible to take into account the preferences of people of different nationalities, with various taste preferences.

The general conclusion is announced by the top management of Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group. It is approximately like this: a modern human being needs to be given more than just food. He needs experience: a set of pleasure from the taste, personal impressions, sensations, aesthetic satisfaction. This, by the way, is a global marketing trend, relevant not only for the public catering filed.

So, the most relevant trends in food and drinks of 2020 from the report of Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group.

Gluten-free foods, vegetarian, vegan and keto diets.

Nutrition, which used to be the destiny and personal choice of few people, is becoming a trend. A third of the chefs admitted that customers are no longer satisfied if the menu offers only 2-3 vegetarian or other special dishes.

If you look at the trend in general, we can note the desire of society for healthy nutrition. Its boom began in 2019 and continues next year. The components of dishes that have already become traditional: milk of plant origin, superfoods, “farm products”. What will become normal in the nearest future: algae, dietary yeast, ashwagandha.

Кейтеринг 2020

More than half of the respondents reported a growing trend in finding a substitute for meat products. The popularity of dishes, in which preference is given to vegetables, is growing. Most likely, the number of vegetables in sauces, pasta, pizza, and various types of bread will increase. The most powerful culinary trend of 2020, according to 47% of respondents, will be desserts with a vegan composition.

Non-standard composition of dishes.

Experts are sure: the demand for unusual tastes will increase. For example, a fifth of restaurant customers likes the sour taste created with the help of vinegar, tamarind, rhubarb. It is planned to include more exotic ingredients in the dishes. First of all – peppers, as well as black garlic, lotus seeds. If we talk about sweets, 20% of chefs called a promising dessert for adults made of fruits and ice cream with unusual ingredients in its composition.

Trendy sauces are spicy

The popularization of cuisine created under the influence of the stylistics of Turkey, Lebanon, and Israel is growing. More than 40% of experts believe that this particular style will be trendy. For example, it is expected that the most popular sauce will be Zhug: comes from Yemen, based on garlic and pepper. Demand is also projected for Muhammara: Turkish sauce with walnuts and red pepper.


Gradually, the boundaries between the concepts of “national cuisine” are erased. Chefs themselves are happy to experiment: more than 50% of chefs add ingredients from other cultures to their national dishes. For example, South Asian dishes are synthesized with Mexican ones, or French cuisine is complemented by Scandinavian.

Trendy beverages and alcohol

Coffee cocktails and low alcohol blends will be popular drinks in 2020. At least, experts from the USA consider so. The popularity of organic drinks is also expected to increase: tea with exotic fruits, kombucha. According to almost 50% of respondents, in the preparation of cocktails, experts will be focused on Mediterranean traditions. Demand for Asian alcohol is also expected to grow: soju, shochu, baijiu. They also didn’t forget about beer: more than 25% of bartenders predict the popularity of sour varieties.

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Classic drinks with new ingredients.

Bartenders often turn into culinary experts, conjuring new cocktails. Moreover: facts of team-work of cooks and bartenders are increasingly noticeable. For example, the main component of trendy cocktails will be vegetables: grilled or fried. Drinks will be decorated with aromatic components: from scented sticks to pieces of paper. By the way, the expected trendy fragrance is mezcal.

Environment protection

The trend continues and becomes more relevant. In developed countries, restaurant managers and chefs are switching to purchasing products from local farmers. This allows them to provide guests with transparent data on the composition of dishes, to guarantee their safety. The trend of environmental friendliness is also intensifying: in particular, reduction of the amount of food waste, moving away from using disposable plastic tableware.