Do you want to organize cool New Year’s corporate event, but a scenario is not ready yet? You don’t have to worry – entrust holding an event to the ARENA CS Agency! When our experts get down to business, then you, don’t have to worry about searching of a place for an event, ordering production or decoration, don’t have to watch video of New Year’s corporate events, hoping to find something suitable. We will be able to make everything!

New year’s corporate event a scenario from ARENA CS

New Year’s corporate event’s program, host of a New Year’s corporate event and, also, a scenario of holding a New Year are the main components of a cool event. Why is it necessary to give a preference to our company?

Корпоратив на новый год сценарий

  1. A New Year’s corporate event, which scenario was thought over by event managers of ARENA CS, “is doomed” to a success.
  2. Professionalism of employees, which is traced in all details, in a relation to carrying out a holiday.
  3. Organization of a corporate New Year, as, actually, and any holiday, does not do without emergence of questions from a customer, specifications and a set of wishes. We are ready to solve any problem: to make a scenario on a New Year’s corporate event, taking into account a theme, offered by a client, to choose a dress on a corporate event (New Year), to solve an issue with guests’ accommodation, etc.
  4. Performance of all wishes of customers in the shortest time.


New year’s corporate event: a scenario – the only thing that is necessary for an event?

New Year’s corporate event: a scenario, guests, important points, connected with an organization and holding have to be trusted only to checked experts, namely, to event managers of our company! A scenario of a New Year’s corporate event, a program  for a  New Year’s corporate event, host (New Year) – important, but not the only aspects, without which holding a corporate for a New Year  will not be at the high level. Services, which we offer:

  • Selection of an event’s venue. What kind of a New Year’s corporate event will be, also, depends on a chosen location (a scenario is also formed, taking into account this position).
  • Hotel booking, transport, printing, design and other services if it is necessary.
  • Catering:  banquets, buffet receptions, party cocktail! How it is possible to hold and to organize a New Year’s corporate event without tasty food? A scenario of an event will be developed taking into account having a snack or a lunch, depending on a client’s wishes.
  • Services from Enercell, thanks to which guests should not worry about a discharged phone. On the platform from Enersell it is possible to load any gadget, irrespective of a socket.
  • The flying microphones, which are provided at a request of a customer. Originally, stylish, beautifully, conveniently – what else is necessary for happiness? A scenario for a corporate New Year will be developed by skilled professionals, which will consider everything, beginning from a number of guests and finishing with activity of a company customer! Call us! Events with ARENA CS – it is can’t be expressed in words, it’s worth seeing!!!

Корпоратив на новый год сценарий

Yulia Gulevich

ак провести новогодний корпоратив

Marketing director of the ARENA CS event agency.

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