The corporate event, New Year always enjoyed popularity and was demanded by the companies. It is an opportunity to sum up results of the expiring year and to create a positive spirit on following. Organization of a holiday demands a significant amount of time for preparation, experience of work in this sphere, creative approach, and ability to do everything accurately and competently these are not all merits, which are possessed by an event agency ARENA CS.

Corporate event for a new year has its aims

Today, New Year’s parties gained wide popularity. And also proved itself not only as an opportunity to eat well and dance, and as an event, which has its aims:

  • additional way to rally collective; to raise a command spirit;
  • to make people more sociable with each other;
  • to learn each other in non-standard climate more; announcement of achieved results and achievements of a company;
  • to make work of a company more effective;
  • to increase a motivation;
  • to adjust communication between an administration and subordinates in easy atmosphere of a holiday;
  • to raise the status of a company in opinion of employees, partners, competitors.

I listed common goals that are the purposes, which for a company will be the most important in a result of event’s carrying out. There are also private purposes they are important purposes for the personality, which makes decisions on event’s organization. These purposes can be similar, and at the same time, can differ. It is possible to carry to the private purposes of a New Year’s corporate event:

  • to inform employees about a new strategy;
  • to show Kiev office to foreign colleagues.

Impossibility to define accurately purposes and problems of an event deprives of an opportunity to move forward, also there is a risk to be lost in possible options of event’s organization.

Corporate event for a new year from arena cs – it is creative, bright and fascinating

If you want that your New Year’s corporate event passed perfectly and left bright emotions, colorful memoirs and great mood to you and your guests, that its organization should be entrusted event agency ARENA CS (and to whom else?!). For an organization and carrying out a New Year’s corporate event our agency has many options:

  • classical banquet in a non-standard place. It can be any place, which is inaccessible in usual days. The choice is pretty broad – as far as an imagination of an event manager and yours will allow. For example, lock, airport, museum, even subway;
  • New Year’s corporate event in country. It is possible to organize a holiday in cozy country hotel or in a certain house with a fireplace and a home atmosphere or to add also mobile winter entertainments in a fresh air and an extreme;
  • corporate with a karaoke battle. It is pleasant to remember songs loved by heart.
  • And there are also such employees, who always wanted to go to a karaoke, but owing to some circumstances did not make it.
  • As they say: “The ball comes to the player”; to organize culinary competitions. It will be interesting, informative and tasty; subject role-playing games on different themes. Let’s tell detective stories, Sorochinsk fair, refined ball of Louis XIV, Santa’s workshop. It is always cheerful and entertaining: everyone has his role and mission, team game with sense, in which it as easy to plunge completely, thanks to a plot which is thought over to trifles and to specially pick up scenery and suits.

As you understand, our creative producers have a set of options – it is more than enough. And we leave the most interesting ideas off-screen also we open them only for our clients! We will pick up to you a necessary format of a holiday, having considered all your wishes and preferences. 

What means a new year’s corporate event from  ARENA CS

The real event cannot be imagined without high points, bright emotions, generating warm memoirs, which are also warm a soul. It is impossible to organize such New Year’s corporate event without participation of the event agency ARENA CS.

корпоратив новый год

Our indisputable advantages:

  • 14 years experience in the sphere of a holidays’ organization;
  • exemplary experts with knowledge of English and other foreign languages;
  • continuous communication with a client 24/7; constant communication channel convenient to a client;
  • practical and productive TASK system, in which all participants can comment and leave their wishes. full awareness of a customer on each stage of the organization;
  • clear understanding of purposes and aims of an event; use of innovations on events;
  • selection of a convenient venue with high-quality service; decoration, scenery, floristic of a venue, photo zone;
  • fresh and tasty dishes; quality and timeliness of rendering services;
  • qualitative logistics;
  • oyal system of payment;
  • production of printed materials and souvenirs with logos of a company; solution of corporate purposes and tasks.

Having entrusted organization and carrying out to a professional agency ARENA CS, you will dare to feel to guests the true atmosphere of a holiday and to solve their problems and purposes.

New year’s parties: what to surprise guests with

People attend more willingly events, on which they saw something new, learned something and gained knowledge that they didn’t know earlier. It is confirmed by the report International Association of Exhibitions and Events, according to which, questions on training concern 91% of event’s participants. It is obvious that while events planning, it has to be one of your main priorities. More training means bigger satisfaction of participants. And a Corporate New Year is not an exception. And still, how to give knowledge on such cheerful holiday as a New Year’s corporate event? On this question the creative agency ARENA CS with easily will give an answer – these are Enercell charging Platforms and Catchbox. And now, one after another, what is that and for what it is. The Enercell platforms are intended for charging of mobile devices on events of different character. Take care of your guests, give them civilized chance to stay constantly in touch, to make colorful photos and videos and to make to you additional advertizing in social networks, but not to ruin a half of evening near sockets.

Functionality of the enercell platform:

  • Individually adjusted frontal panel, which will ideally fit into any interior of an event. On it it is possible to place your brand or a logo or just wishes for a New Year;
  • device monitor with a possibility of reproduction to 8 photos and 2 videos lasting 30 seconds;
  • 6 charging cells for gadgets, which will provide interactivity and will increase efficiency of advertizing materials thanks to interaction of guests with the charging station.

A microphone from the future is already today

Catchbox is an easy mobile microphone, which is a novelty in an event industry sphere of Ukraine though in the world it is used a little more than 2 years. As ARENA CS is a leader in use of new products while holiday’s organization in a domestic market of event services that is logical that we began first to use Catchbox. The feature of Catchbox is that it can be thrown and caught easily without needing careful transfer from hand to hand. It is reached due to square shape, which in difference from round, is easy to hold in hands at a throw or catching. One more indisputable plus is that, which this flying microphone does not create sound discomfort when flying and catching, it is equipped with sensors, which automatically disconnect a sound at a movement. Material of which the microphone made is strong and at the same time, soft, by what it ensures durability in work and safety to people. It should be noted an excellent sound quality. Not only that a frequency characteristic of the microphone was optimized for a speech, but a special design of a device eliminates all noise of processing. And fine addition to everything is that, that Catchbox is completely compatible to any speaker systems. Catchbox can be used confidently in different competitions, for example for better acquaintance with each other, which it is possible to throw cheerfully between guests, it will lower discomfort at communication.

How we organize new year’s corporate events

The basic principles in work of ARENA CS is a speed and service. For this purpose in the work an event manager constantly asks himself questions:

  • How to process this order quicker?
  • How to provide to a client the most favorable decision?
  • How to make my work more effective to help a client?
  • And how to increase client’s pleasure by means of service?

All actions are made only for a client, but not as is cheaper or is favorable to the company. More than 100 clients are happy with our work and continue cooperation with the agency for more than 4 years, among which:

  • Ashan,
  • Fora,
  • Sanofi,
  • Bayer,
  • “UNICEF”,
  • Kiyivstar.

How and where to hold a corporate new year

Such questions arise at each head of a company who makes a decision to carry out a New Year’s corporate event. It used to pay to this question not enough attention; the main celebration consisted in a sit-round gathering at office after the working day with salads from a supermarket from plastic ware. Fortunately, these times remained in the past. And on our spaces the western views of carrying out a New Year’s corporate event got accustomed. It will be much more pleasant to hold a New Year’s party out of office’s walls, in an easy atmosphere.

корпоратив новый год

Also, you should not neglect carrying out a New Year’s corporate event because it will make impossible realizing the main objectives on collective’s unity and formation of team. For this purpose it is worth writing scenarios on a New Year’s corporate event and to pick up a talented host. It is possible to include competitions, surprises, a speech of actors of favorite genres, different show programs in a scenario. If you want to spend on a New Year’s corporate event of your company time as a guest enjoying a pleasant atmosphere, its organization and carrying out should be entrusted on-stage performance group ARENA CS.

Organization of new year’s holidays: when to begin?

It is possible to carry out organization of a New Year’s corporate event and by own efforts but it is necessary to understand what volumes of work and size of responsibility lay down on shoulders of a permanent member of staff. The most part of companies understands it and gives preference to event agencies. It is better to begin preparation for any event beforehand, especially to a New Year’s corporate event. For qualitative organization it is necessary to study preferences of collective to find a suitable venue and reserve it, to make a menu, decide on a concept of an office party for a New Year, to write a scenario and to solve a heap of different questions. Therefore to begin preparation for a holiday in October it is normally and for sure it is not early. Believe, time fly quickly and imperceptibly, you will not be in time and will look back, as before the appointed date there will be a week. And it is good when ARENA CS is engaged in organization of your corporate event. Then you can quietly go about your own business, and we will take care that your corporate event would pass smoothly, cheerfully, with sense and on one breath, having left only colorful photos bright emotions and fine memoirs.

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