Today, a corporate event is an important aspect in life of a company. And employers begin to understand its importance more and more, and to pay deserved attention to organization of entertaining events.

Corporate event is intended for:

  • establishing communication between administration and subordinates in informal situation;
  • team’s unity between divisions in general; support of enterprise’s corporate spirit;
  • creation of company’s positive reputation; for bigger motivation of employees;
  • improvement of psychological climate in team.

The agency of corporate events ARENA CS is allocated among the existing companies, which successfully works since 2004.

корпоративное мероприятие

ARENA CS provides the folloving services in holiday organization and in event marketing:

  • accommodation;
  • food;
  • transport services;
  • translation service;
  • branding and design;
  • souvenir materials;
  • printed materials;
  • scenarios and concepts;
  • entertainments;
  • PR service;
  • photo, video support;
  • technical providing;
  • choice of a location;
  • search of event’s sponsors;
  • registration of participants;
  • creation of an event’s website.

Organization of corporate holidays – it is responsible job, not an entertainment, as it is possible to think from outside. The event corporation ARENA CS understands all gravity and scrupulousness of work, bearing responsibility for each step.

корпоративное мероприятие

ARENA CS holds 24 events daily, what is not a limit of its opportunities. The corporation has enough qualified personnel and material resources to ensure a maximum comfort of a client.

More than 7248 of successful projects were held during 14 years of fruitful work.

Not only in all regions of Ukraine, but and abroad, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Western Europe and Asia. The following known names use the ARENA CS Company’s services and trust them:

  • Roche,
  • Sanofi,
  • Bayer,
  • Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine,
  • Philip Morris Ukraine,
  • International Charity Foundation “Ukrainian foundation of civil health”,
  • Kyivstar etc.

It is possible to tell, that qualitatively organized corporate event is the key to success and prosperity of a company. Similar events stay in memory for a long time.

82, 5% of ARENA CS event corporation’s clients already have bright and positive emotions from cooperation with this company.

If you need an organizer of holidays, ARENA CS is a competent decision of your problems. Professional team is able to listen and hear client, realizing bright projects.

Author: Yulia Gulevich