Corporate New Year is the major event for each company; therefore it is necessary to approach organization extremely seriously. Our company ARENA CS is one of the best event agencies in Ukraine with the 14th year experience; we offer services in the following issue’s solution: where to note a New Year’s corporate event? We will develop a corporate New Year, which theme is chosen by you. In turn, we guarantee that the program of a corporative New Year will be original, interesting and memorable. It is banal and is boring – it is not about us!

Corporate new year: we will embody your ideas and achieve your goals

Corporate New Year is not just a festive dinner and an entertainment program. The event gives a chance of a self-presentation as a successful brand, it is a good way to increase command spirit and to motivate your personnel on new fulfillments. Process of idea’s development of corporate New Year will be carried out taking into account your ideas and goals. We will offer at your choice: New Year’s corporate events at restaurant, corporate New Year outdoors, corporate New Year in an exotic place. Only two days are needed for preparation of a scenario and then we provide a detailed plan and several places for holding an event. We suggest   ideas of a corporate New Year for you!

Корпоративный новый год

Our corporate new year: creative, art, professionalism

To a solution of a task under the name “The Best Corporate New Year” we approach with creative and art. Our company is a united team of professionals, each of which had successfully realized a set of large-scale projects. Our work is well-coordinated and system. Creative, professionalism, team work – such approach allows us to solve the most difficult and non-standard tasks. How to carry out a corporate New Year – you should not think for a long time, address to the ARENA CS Company!

ARENA CS: we’ll make a corporate new year – encore!

We will not just listen to your wishes, we will experience them. We’ll think up a name of a corporate New Year, which will display features of your business as good as it is possible.

Корпоративный новый год

Our scenario for a corporate New Year is worked out with an attention to each detail, there are and a memorable beginning of a corporate New Year, and solemn completion of an event. We are always in touch, 24/7. Appeared an idea how to improve a corporate New Year? You can call and write at any time.

Why we: corporate new year from the ARENA CS company:

Corporate new year from our event company will be organized at the most worthy level. Five important reasons of it:

  1. we’ll provide a realization of a goal for 100%; our working process is based on careful work with creative and technical components;
  2. organization of a corporate New Years is carried out with use of the most convenient and modern ways of communication for a customer.
  3. Reasoned budget in all cases. Do you want a good restaurant for a corporate New Year at optimum cost? We’ll easily find two or three options. You always know what you pay for.
  4. Only strict criteria of quality, which are correspond to our reputation. We always in a trend, we practice technological effectiveness and innovations in our work, corporate New Year is not an exception. We use flying microphones – it is the most convenient and interesting way to adjust communication between all guests. We suggest installing the Enercell system, what will allow charging smart phones safely to all guests at the same time.
  5. Our company is responsible, as well as each our employee responsible for your corporate New Year. If you decided to order a corporate New Year from us, than we undertake guarantees on its organization and carrying out.

Where to note a corporate New Year and how to note – all questions will be answered by ARENA CS.

Address the manager:

Yulia Gulevich

новогодний корпоратив

marketing director of the ARENA CS Event Company.

You can order a corporate event here:

m: +380 50 338 8980